Why We'll Soon See a Chris Jericho vs. Edge Feud

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IJuly 3, 2009

As you all know, Chris Jericho and "The Rated-R Superstar," Edge, are the current Unified Tag Team Champions. But have you ever thought about this?...

What will happen when these two lose the tag team titles?

Well I say what will happen is that we are going to see the feud of the year with Chris "Y2J" Jericho vs. "The Ultimate Opportunist," Edge. This would be an amazing feud because these two superstars are two of the best in the business today.

They are both amazing on the mic and in the ring. They are also two of the best heels in the business. Despite that amazing fact, one of them must be a face in this feud, and I think it should be Edge.

Let's face it, right now the WWE Universe might not accept Chris as a face again. On the other hand Edge could be a face easily.

So it would work out as Edge turning face and facing up against SmackDown's top heel, Chris Jericho.

I would see the feud starting something like this...

Let's say that in their last title defense Edge got pinned causing them to lose the tag team belts. So the following SmackDown, Jericho would come out to address Edge. He would say something like...

"Edge your are worthless, just like all these people here. I regret ever teaming with you because you aren't at my level. I am at the top of my game while you on the other hand are not.

"I thought you might be good enough to help me save this company, but I was wrong. You're the one that needs saving around here and I, Chris Jericho, will make sure to show you the light."

Or something like that. Sorry If I can't cut promos as good as Chris. Not everyone can be that good. Anyway then Edge would come out to respond to what Chris said. Something like...

"Chris, you need help. In case you didn't check, it was your fault we lost the belts. I'm glad we lost; this gives me the opportunity to finally get away from you. I was sick and tired of carrying the tag team anyway.

"Now I can go back to regaining my one, true love and that's the World Heavyweight Championship. Something you won't be holding anytime soon."

Again, sorry if the promo isn't that good. Then finally GM Teddy Long would come out announcing that later in the evening it would be Chris Jericho vs. Edge. 

Jericho would eventually result to attacking Edge with a chair which gives Edge the win, but also gives Chris a feeling of accomplishment. And that would start the feud.

Eventually I think either Chris or Edge should put the other one out of action somehow and get into the World Title scene. I think since Chris Jericho is the heel he should be the one putting Edge out of action and stealing the World Heavyweight Championship.

Then two weeks later or one week later or whenever Edge would come out and challenge Chris and then their feud would have a title involved which would make it that much better. Especially since Edge performs best when there's a title involved.

This would without a doubt turn out to be a great feud that the audience, the fans. the WWE script writers and anyone else would love. This should happen as soon as possible. Oh yeah and the winner of the feud should be Edge especially if he's the one going face I think they should show that he can have success as a face. 

WWE, I'm begging you do yourselves a favor and get this feud going. I think it would boost your popularity and ratings as well as views. Honestly, if this feud goes down people might forget that WWE is scripted (laugh).

I wouldn't be surprised though if they didn't do it. The WWE isn't exactly known for being smart now, are they? Oh well, I guess you can always dream!