"The Band is on the Field"

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IconCome on? Was there any moment greater than this one? It was the most fantastic ending to any sporting event, much less any College Football game ever.

Now, I have to hand it to Marshall -- what they did was amazing. But their comeback was totally different from the comeback that the Bears made, after the game had essentially been decided. But guess what? The game was not decided after all and the bears made the greatest comeback ever.

Marshall's comeback took years. And people believed in them. That just wasn't the case with the Bears. Their fans had counted them out. The commentators had counted them out. Everyone had counted them out. And with what little time they had, they somehow managed a five point victory.

Anyhow, I think that the Marshall comeback was the most inspirational from a longterm standpoint. They rebuilt from the ground up.

But you have to hand it to Cal for doing something that was, in a word, impossible.

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