Ranking Peyton Manning's 10 Most Memorable Moments as a Denver Bronco

Mike MartinezContributor IIIJune 30, 2014

Ranking Peyton Manning's 10 Most Memorable Moments as a Denver Bronco

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    Despite a heartbreaking loss in Super Bowl XLVIII, Denver fans still have a reason to rejoice when remembering that quarterback Peyton Manning will again be at the helm of the Broncos in 2014. Leading one of the country’s most prolific offenses last season, Manning has once again proved his skills as a signal-caller are irrefutable.

    While it may be difficult to pick just 10 of his greatest moments since joining the team two seasons ago, the criteria for this list will cover records that Manning has set for the franchise since donning the orange and navy as well as some of his most significant moments for the team; some of his most impressive feats include having the highest completion percentage for the league in the 2012 season and scoring seven touchdown passes without throwing an interception.

    These are Peyton Manning’s most memorable records and moments he’s had as a Denver Bronco.

Just Missed the Cut

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    Though taking his team to Super Bowl XLVII was certainly an accomplishment for Manning, being embarrassed in a 43-8 blowout loss to the Seattle Seahawks was not and thus did not make the cut.

    Even though the defeat may still be hard for Denver fans to accept, the amusing video above, courtesy of the Guardian, should at least provide a chuckle for fans of the Broncos…maybe.

10. Passer Rating (2013)

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    Manning surpassed a personal record he had previously set for himself when he earned a passer rating of 115.1 in 2013, just shy of the signal-caller with the highest rating, Nick Foles, who earned 119.2.

    The passer rating includes four variables: completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdowns per attempt and interceptions per attempt.

    While it’s surprising that Manning didn’t have the highest rating last season, considering how well he played and how many records he shattered, he may look to take the record in 2014.

    For a more in-depth look at how passer rating is calculated, take a look at the video above.

9. Highest Completion Percentage (2012)

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    Nobody knew how Manning would fare in his first season starting for the Broncos, mostly because he had been released by the Colts after suffering a neck injury which had forced him to undergo surgery and sit out the 2011 season.

    Luckily, it went well.

    Even though his 2013 season showed a marked improvement in his overall productivity, Manning set his first franchise record for the Broncos by having the highest completion percentage in 2012.

    Check out the video above to see a fan tribute to some of Manning’s greatest moments from the 2012 season.

8. Most Passing Attempts (2013)

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    While certainly not the most impressive record Manning has set thus far in his career in Denver, it is most definitely worth a mention.

    Manning had the most regular-season pass attempts at 659, according to ESPN, which translated into some impressive numbers not only for Manning, but for the team’s receiving corps as well.

    In some cases, the number of pass attempts can be misleading because what’s truly important are completion numbers, but in this case, Manning was able to pick up both records in 2013.

7. Most Completions (2013)

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    As mentioned in the previous slide, Manning also had the most completions in the 2013 regular season, which is no easy feat considering the 38-year-old has been playing in the league since 1998.

    His numbers not only translated into impressive stats for himself, but also for his receiving corps. Thanks to Manning’s expertise, Demaryius Thomas ranked fourth in the league with 1,430 yards and 14 touchdowns, which was the second-highest number in the league last season.

    Manning’s skill as a signal-caller led the Broncos to be one of the most feared offensive juggernauts in 2013 (well, unless you’re a Seahawk), and the trend looks to continue in the upcoming season.

    The above video looks at his several impressive touchdown passes from last season through five games; prepare to be impressed by Manning and his seemingly effortless ability to will the pigskin wherever he wants.

6. Most Touchdown Passes (2013)

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    We already know Manning can pass and he can complete the majority of those passes, but even more impressive is that he had the most touchdowns of any quarterback last season—at 55.

    To provide some perspective on how impressive that truly is, chew on this: Drew Brees, who had the second most, only had 39—that’s 16 more touchdowns than the next most productive signal-caller in the league.

    Manning came to play in the 2013 season, and his numbers prove it; take a look at the video above to see all 55 passes from last season.

5. Most Touchdown Passes in a Game (2013)

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    Perhaps Around The League editor Gregg Rosenthal put it best when describing Manning’s production against the Baltimore Ravens last season.

    Peyton Manning's greatness often is taken for granted. He's so consistent that it takes an extraordinary feat for us to stand up and truly take notice,” Rosenthal said.

    People definitely took notice when Manning set a record for having the most touchdown passes in a game last season; he also set a record in the same game for not being intercepted on any one of those throws.

    Check out the first 35 seconds of the above video to see Manning in all of his glory.

4. Most Passing Yards (2013)

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    Does this guy leave any records for any of the league’s other quarterbacks?

    Not too many—Manning also secured the 2013 record for having the most yardage of any signal-caller last year at 5,477.

    If only we could all throw like Manning—take a look at the video above to see him teaching a group of youngsters the three-step drop.

3. Most 400-Plus Passing Yard Games (2013)

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    Manning tied the record previously set by Dan Marino in 1984 last season by throwing for 400 yards or more in four regular-season games last year, according to MileHighReport.com.

    He ended up having another big game in the postseason when he threw for 400 yards in the AFC Championship Game, which we’ll discuss later.

    Take a look at the video above, courtesy of TYT Sports, following the Broncos' second win against the Kansas City Chiefs last season, in which he threw for 403 yards.

2. Taking the Denver Broncos to the AFC Championship Game (2013)

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    In just two short seasons, Manning helped turn around a franchise that had been struggling without a reliable quarterback.

    In his second season, he took his team to the AFC Championship Game, where he threw for another 400 yards and two touchdowns and earned himself a trip to the Super Bowl by beating the New England Patriots, 26-16.

    Not too shabby for a player who was released from the Colts due to injury just a few years prior.

    Take a look at the video above to watch the sea of orange and navy celebrating before the clock ticks down to zero.

1. Manning Joining the Broncos

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    This is undoubtedly the biggest moment not only for Peyton, but also for the Broncos’ franchise.

    After struggling for several years, the Broncos came back in a big way in 2012 when they added Peyton Manning to their roster.

    The five-time MVP, who was also given the prestigious award following the completion of the 2013 season, made waves for the Broncos after John Elway convinced him to come to Denver.

    His signing was a bit risky considering some thought his neck injury and subsequent surgery may have ended his career.

    Luckily for both Manning and the Broncos, that was not the case, and despite a loss in the Super Bowl, Denver’s future looks as bright as it ever did with Manning calling the shots.


    Stats courtesy of ESPN.com

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