Thou shalt not steal.

Shinrai AquinoContributor IJuly 3, 2009

Or thou shalt be tagged.

The first unsuccessful steal was on Thursday night game of the New York Yankees against the Seattle Mariners in the Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York City.

Yankee catcher Jorge Posada caught Franklin Gutierrez stealing second base. Gutierrez, who must've lost count of the balls and strikes, gave the Mariners their final out in the sixth inning as he was tagged by second baseman Robinson Cano.

The next Mariner who attempted to steal a base was Ryan Langerhans on Friday night game. He didn't make the play as he was tagged by Derek Jeter and made the final out for the top of the second inning.

The Yankees' shortstop and captain also made an attempt to steal second base during the third inning, but he was caught by Kenji Johjima and got tagged by second baseman Jose Lopez.

The Thursday night's attempted steals revolved around the same people, which was amusing. The last ballplayer to attempt a steal was Kenji Johjima.

The Mariners' catcher left Mark Teixeira's base although Alfredo Aceves has not yet pitched to Ryan Langerhans. Johjima was then welcomed with a tag by no other than Derek Jeter.

Although the Mariners made the most attempts to steal bases during the Friday night game, the M's were able to leave with 8-4 against the Yankees.