Shaq: The Best Thing That Ever Happaned To The NBA

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Shaq: The Best Thing That Ever Happaned To The NBA
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1992 was a sad year for the NBA, Ervin "Magic" Johnson had tested positive HIV and announced that he would immediately retire (only to come back years later and play 32 games as a power forward). Larry Bird had announced retirement to go be special assistant in the Celtics Front office. The NBA had lost two of it's most prized players, their only hope: Micheal Jordan who would retire one year later. The NBA was loseing ticket sales and tv ratings, they desperately needed to sell tickets fast, their answer: Shaq.

In the 1992 NBA Draft Shaq went first overall to the Orlando Magic, The Orlando Magic wanted Shaq so bad that they went around the locker room asking players for a cut in salary. Enough players agreed to give Shaq the money he wanted. And in his rookie season when he broke the hoop everyone knew right then that he was special.

The reason we most love Shaq are his sound bytes ranging from mocking another teams name and telling a reporter that he was going to move in with him. Also his nicknames that he makes for himself like 'The Big Aristotle' and Wilt Chambernieze is why we all love Shaq.

David Stern and all the NBA should be bowing down to Shaq, considering what he has done for them.

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