Manny Ramirez Is Not CHRIST, Stop Cruicifying HIM!! You're DEAD WRONG!!

Frankie GraciContributor IJuly 3, 2009

The man apologized to his fans & teammates; committed the crime & did the time (50 game suspension) and will face endless criticism. What more do you want from the guy?

Some people will say "Manny cheated, he doesn't deserve to play baseball" or "He should be starting off the bench because Pierre has been doing a hell of a job; Pierre didn't cheat" so he should get punished even more??

That's the same type of Logic that got George Bush Elected twice - Alot of Americans wanted to punish Bill Clinton for having an affair - Even though the Country was doing great - But no somebody had to pay - Yeah, America payed for that senseless decision

- Wanting to punish Manny Ramirez even more then the 50 game suspension is just plain Evil. The man payed his due to society, did the time, now leave him alone.