Drink Up and be Married

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2009

It’s the Friday before a holiday weekend. If your respective employer thinks you’re going to be anything more than useless today, she has another thing coming. Yes, I made the assumption your boss was a woman. It’s a new world out there, baby - an increasingly equal one where a woman can be your boss and you can trick that possibly female task manager into thinking you’re working… even though you’re reading the newest Out of Right Field. Your boss sounds hot! Isn’t America great? (Don’t answer that!)

In the newest Out of Right Field, Bryan and Jared write of:
• The ‘Brat Hot Tub’
• A Summerfest-influenced playlist
• A fake, yet Cub-heavy steroid list
• Wily Peralta
• The Wave’s lameness. Goddamn wave…

Read that thing HERE, and check out Miller Park Drunk over the weekend. Jared and I answered some questions for the site and our responses might be up soon. Actually, be sure to just check out Miller Park Drunk period. It’s hilarious.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend. Drink a lot, but don’t drive… and when your ride drops you off, be sure to drunk-order some RFB shirts. Until sales pick up, I can only pack turnips and expired yogurt in my kids’ lunches. OK, I don’t have kids - but imagine if I did. Would you want that on your conscience?