NBC's Coverage of Tennis is Tragic

John ReyesContributor IJuly 3, 2009

In these information-heavy times that we live in, NBC continues to tape delayed, high quality tennis events.

Just recently, the French Open had heavy tape-delayed coverage, while ESPN who also owns cooperative rights to the French, Australian, and Wimbledon tournaments, showed live coverage.

As I write this article, Andy Roddick and Andy Murray are tied at a set-a-piece in the semifinals, while NBC's coverage is just beginning.

The thing is, NBC won't jump in mid-match—they show it from the beginning. So before it's finished on television, I could hop over to the computer and find out who won.

Let's be honest, tennis is not a popular sport to begin with, and by tape delaying major events, NBC keeps this sport down.

It's not like NBC is airing anything worth while in the morning hours. I'm sure the world could live without Martha Stewart Living for a day.

These circumstances prove why networks failed sports and why cable has taken over the sports market. Not only are the cable networks willing to pay more in some cases, but they succeed where the NBCs of the world fail—with live coverage. The least they can do is put a live stream on the Internet, but NBC fails to even go that far.

So do us tennis fans a favor, NBC. If you won't give us live tennis coverage, then just give up your rights to the event altogether.

We have cable networks more then willing to take matches like Murrary vs. Roddick and air it live.