WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Full Predictions for Each Star in Briefcase Match

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJune 29, 2014

WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Full Predictions for Each Star in Briefcase Match

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    The Money in the Bank briefcase match is doused in irony.

    The match has high expectations to live up to based on secondary briefcase matches of years past, but those involved are always treated as if they won't outshine their all-star counterparts.

    That added motivation is what contributes to B-level stars stealing the show when given a ladder to play with.

    After going through his personal highlight reel, it’s safe to say that Kofi Kingston is the most athletic competitor in the Money in the Bank field, with Ladder match experience to boot. Still, he is among the wrestlers who fans least expect to walk away with a briefcase.

    Jack Swagger was a surprise choice to enter Money in the Bank based on recent booking and is also expected to come away empty-handed. But he’s one of two stars in this match who have ever won Money in the Bank.

    Each participant will bring his own brand of toughness or acrobatics to what should be the best match on the show.

    Ziggler will nearly kill himself selling a ladder bump, RVD will muster one last Five-Star Frog Splash from 20 feet in the air, Dean Ambrose will serve as an effective wild card, and Seth Rollins should deliver as the consensus favorite.

    Money in the Bank has a history of surprise winners, however. So if Seth Rollins loses out on capturing the golden briefcase, despite being Triple H’s current golden boy, it will be far from ironic.

Dean Ambrose

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    Dean Ambrose is the wild card and currently the biggest babyface booked in this match. Ambrose has stayed true to his mercenary roots as a member of The Shield by appearing at random points in street clothes to disrupt a Raw broadcast.

    Ambrose’s loose-cannon gimmick is intriguing, and fans have gotten behind him as a sympathetic figure since he is the only individual still playing the victim stemming from The Shield’s breakup.

    There are too many powerful forces currently against Ambrose for him to get such a big win this early. Both on camera and behind the scenes, Daniel Bryan had to fight against The Authority for eight months before finally becoming WWE World Heavyweight champion.

    Expect Ambrose’s plight to be a toned-down version of the Yes Movement. All things considered, that’s a pretty good start to his singles career.

    Prediction: Dean Ambrose fails to win Money in the Bank because of The Authority.

Rob Van Dam

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    Rob Van Dam is an outlier in this Money in the Bank field. When juxtaposed against stars who are either entering or well into their primes, it would be difficult to imagine Van Dam winning in the twilight of his career.

    On Raw, Triple H mockingly said RVD could win Money in the Bank before admitting he couldn’t even say it with a straight face.

    While this was done for storyline purposes (RVD would later come out to verbally spar with Triple H and challenge Seth Rollins to a match), there was a lot of truth said in jest.

    At 43 years old and now a part-time competitor, booking RVD to win Money in the Bank would be borderline reckless.

    Prediction: Rob Van Dam does one Frog Splash from atop a ladder but doesn’t win Money in the Bank.

Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston is booked in this match to make it more exciting. Nothing more, nothing less.

    On Raw, Kingston engaged in a few entertaining high spots with Swagger as Cole announced, “And that’s what you’re going to see out of Kofi come Sunday!”

    Kingston is basically a walking (or flying) commercial for Sunday’s pay-per-view. His involvement adds to the potential of some crazy dives and table spots that make the old veterans shake their heads.

    His ceiling will be, well, the ceiling of the TD Garden if he can climb that high for a Boom Drop.

    If Seth Rollins is the technician, Kingston is the utility man. It may not be a coveted role, but it’s a role nonetheless. And based on WWE’s recent firing spree, having any role with that company means more than ever.

    Prediction: Kingston does a Boom Drop from the roof of the TD Garden before being stretchered out; doesn’t win Money in the Bank.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler has somehow retained his mega-popularity despite being booked like Zack Ryder.

    Triple H made a nod to the Internet prior to announcing Ziggler for the Money in the Bank match. James Caldwell of the Pro Wrestling Torch noted Triple H described Ziggler as somebody who "people think he does not appreciate the talent of.”

    Per usual, the Triple H administration has its finger on the pulse of the wrestling underground. This probably means they will use Ziggler to play out their arm's-length relationship with diehard fans. Maybe even tease them.

    Each time Ziggler so much as looks at a ladder, fans will come alive. At one point, Ziggler will probably even get his hands on the Money in the Bank briefcase to deafening cheers, only to be Bull Hammered by Bad News Barrett, assuming he’s healthy.

    Ziggler is basically an insurance policy so fans are engaged and don’t hijack a high-profile match with “we want Ziggler” chants.

    They’ve got Ziggler. This is a moral victory for commenters on Reddit. Anything else should be considered a bonus.

    Prediction: Dolph Ziggler retrieves the Money in the Bank briefcase, but on the way down (after his second backflip) Rollins intercepts it and wins on a technicality.

Jack Swagger

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    Jack Swagger is responsible for two injuries to WWE Superstars while they were on upward trajectories.

    As WWE.com reported, Swagger’s kick to the face of Dolph Ziggler last year resulted in a concussion. The website also reported Bad News Barrett’s recent shoulder injury occurred when Jack Swagger threw him into a barricade.

    Now, in a dangerous Ladder match like Money in the Bank, don’t be surprised if Swagger remains relatively quiet, being kept to basic spots on the ground. He’s too big to be climbing a ladder anyway.

    Swagger will always come with a lot of promise and potential no matter how poorly he is booked. If WWE viewed Swagger as highly as they did Roman Reigns, he’d be on the fast track to becoming WWE’s top heel, and fans would be on board.

    Swagger is one of the rare talents who is not too cool to be a heel. But his post-WrestleMania run alongside Zeb Colter has been more of a brisk jog.

    Prediction: At some point, Jack Swagger swings a ladder wildly, making WWE officials nervous. Nobody gets hurt, and Swagger doesn’t win Money in the Bank.

Bad News Barrett

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    Bad News Barrett’s status for Money in the Bank is in doubt.

    If healthy, Barrett could be considered a serious favorite. Should Rollins and Ambrose somehow cancel each other out, Barrett stands to be the biggest opportunist.

    With elite promo skills and a gimmick that has connected with fans, Barrett would shine with a Money in the Bank briefcase.

    Another shoulder injury would be the second serious injury to Barrett in two years. Even if he is able to compete on Sunday, whispers of being injury prone may hurt his chances.

    WWE has remained quiet on Barrett’s status for Money in the Bank. Hopefully for Barrett, this is an indication that there’s a chance he can compete as opposed to them going back-and-forth on who should be Barrett’s replacement.

    Prediction: Barrett competes, sells his shoulder injury, is unable to capture the briefcase with only one arm, and this leads to a feud with Jack Swagger.


Seth Rollins

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    Seth Rollins was the first and only entrant announced for the briefcase Money in the Bank match until the go-home episode of Raw.

    Rollins had the biggest heel turn of 2014, and the biggest turn in quite some time when he struck former Shield mate Roman Reigns with a steel chair.

    The result has been career-altering, with all three members of The Shield going their separate ways while still being booked near the top of the card.

    The Shield split has spawned a rivalry between Rollins and Ambrose, and despite the fact that Reigns has pretty much severed all ties with his former brothers, he still walks out through the crowd to The Shield’s music and wears riot gear.

    And the irony continues.

    Rollins has been working closely with Triple H throughout the Money in the Bank buildup. It was Rollins who was booked to convince Triple H to add Dean Ambrose to the Money in the Bank briefcase match so Rollins could keep an eye on him.

    Rollins and his feud with Ambrose are the centerpieces of the Money in the Bank match. Should Rollins lose this match, it will be because Ambrose cost him. Even if Rollins wins, a future SummerSlam match to be competed for the briefcase would only be natural.

    Prediction: Seth Rollins wins Money in the Bank.

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