NBA Rumors: Latest Buzz Surrounding Association's Top Superstars

Kenny DeJohnAnalyst IIIJune 28, 2014

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love gets ready to play the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento, Calif., on Sunday, April 13, 2014.(AP Photo/Steve Yeater)
Steve Yeater/Associated Press

The NBA's biggest names might find themselves in different area codes following the proceedings of the next few months.

Rumors don't always materialize, but there are many interesting rumors surrounding a few superstars that could have some truth to them. It's rare to see so many big names available in free agency or via trade, but this offseason has the potential to be special.

The entire landscape of the NBA could change because of these players' movements.

Below are some of the most captivating rumors regarding a few of the Association's top superstars.


Chris Bosh

J Pat Carter/Associated Press

The Miami Heat made good use of Chris Bosh over the past few seasons, as he provided stability near the basket and was a high-energy leader in the team's last four postseason runs.

His career began in 2003 when the Toronto Raptors selected him in the draft. After four successful years in Miami, Bosh could be back up north, as reported by Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher:

Toronto would greatly benefit from adding Bosh into the mix.

Bosh would provide a safety net next to Jonas Valanciunas in the paint, but he would also stretch the defense enough to create lanes for DeMar DeRozan. The young guard is one of the more dynamic players in the NBA, and his numbers would likely skyrocket with Bosh down low.

The Raptors also aren't many pieces away from contention. They already did well in the Eastern Conference last season, but adding Bosh would be the next step in the right direction. Losing Lowry (like Bucher alluded to) might hurt, but Greivis Vasquez can handle the role he vacates.


Kevin Love

Something's gotta give when it comes to Kevin Love and the Golden State Warriors—especially after this most recent report from Marc Stein of

The Minnesota Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors continue to discuss a Kevin Love trade, according to sources close to the process, though a deal didn't materialized in conjunction with Thursday night's NBA draft.

Sources told that the teams have resumed dialogue on the much-discussed deal that would send Love to the Warriors, but neither side has yet shown a willingness to yield on the Klay Thompson issue.

The Warriors want to keep Thompson. The Wolves probably won't trade Love to Golden State unless Thompson comes back to Minnesota. Somebody will have to give a little for a deal to be reached

While the Warriors would present Love with a great opportunity to win, Golden State is correct to not include Thompson in the deal. While a duo of Love and Stephen Curry is downright scary for opposing Western Conference teams, the Splash Brothers are a duo that shouldn't be broken up.

In a league dominated by guards that can shoot, the Warriors have two of the best. Plus, if there's a way to get Love without Thompson, then that's the avenue they have to explore.

Imagine a trio of Love, Curry and Thompson. All three are capable of shooting 35 percent or better from distance, clearing plenty of space in the middle for Andrew Bogut to go to work.

That roster would contend in the West.


Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony

Jason DeCrow/Associated Press

The Los Angeles Lakers are dreaming big.

ESPN's Chris Broussard broke down their Hollywood fantasies:

Bringing in both James and Anthony would immediately make the Lakers the top team in the league. That's regardless of head coach, chemistry and maybe even depth.

Sure, they'll need a few guys that can come off the bench, but a trio of 'Melo, LeBron and Kobe Bryant is absolutely absurd. All three can drop 30 points on any given night. They could feasibly average 70 points per game as a group. 

That type of firepower is almost unfair for the opposition.

Don't get your hopes up, Lakers fans, because I don't know if I'm confident in the chances of this happening. That's a lot of money to go to just three players, and while this Big Three would do well in the near future, it could easily become a Small Two in a few years when the Black Mamba retires.

Will the Lakers want to make that type of commitment for only a year or two of real contention?


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