Jesse Lumsden Injured....Again.

Mike BurseCorrespondent IJuly 3, 2009

As the Edmonton Eskimos defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 19-17, they also watched their top running back go down to injury. Lumsden was running the ball and dropped his shoulder to take a hit, as soon as he was hit you could see his arm go limp. It appears to be a seperated shoulder, but official word has not been released yet.

The 26 year old Lumsden was clearly frusterated and disappointed on the sidelines as the team doctors took a look at the injury. This man seems to attract bad luck and far too much of it. The Tiger Cats finally gave up on seeing him for a full season. This player could be one of the all time greats with his skill set, but he just cannot stay healthy.

For his sake he better hope that his bobsled career turns out better than his football career. So far it is, as he and his partner Pierre Lueders won the two man event at the National Championships this year. This duo has a very real shot at going to the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games for Canada.

Back to the Eskimos, they took a chance on this young man and it looks like they got the short end of the stick thus far. I personally hope to see him back in their uniform sooner rather than later. With Ricky Ray and Jesse Lumsden this offence would be extremely potent.