Randy Orton Needs to Turn on the Authority to Revive His Career

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 27, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Is it time for Randy Orton to turn back to babyface and sever his association with The Authority? I think so.

After a mediocre heel run over the past year, WWE and Orton may have to accept that playing henchman to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon just isn’t doing him any favors.

Orton has spent much of the past year playing second fiddle to the McMahons. Even when he held the world title, he was still rather marginalized.

Does anyone even remember his boring feuds with The Big Show and John Cena over the belt?

Credit: WWE.com

Granted, the star didn’t help himself with his dull and uninspiring mic work—he really does need to work on his bland and one-dimensional promo skills if he wants to advance back up the card—but how was he ever going to be able to shine with Triple H and Stephanie taking up the majority of the air-time?

Raw is seemingly the Triple H and Stephanie show these days, with some Daniel Bryan and Cena occasionally thrown in.

(I discussed earlier this week just why I think the married couple are doing the product more harm than good right now. Needless to say, it’s time for them to take a step back from things and allow others the chance to shine.)

Is it really a surprise Orton has fallen so far from importance?

Credit: WWE.com

Even with his own flaws as a performer, the company arguably put him in a position to fail. He’s been forced into the background and placed in one boring feud after another.

A babyface turn might be the best thing to do for his stagnant character right now; he can’t keep going on like he is.

Of course, Orton staying heel and still splitting with The Authority is another compelling option.

Orton could claim he’s tired of being dismissed and forgotten about—a storyline that would definitely have its roots in real life—and wants to branch out on his own.

Credit: WWE.com

“The Viper” winning the Money in the Bank match this Sunday, and therefore the world title, could serve as the impetus for this. He might win the belt and decide he doesn’t need Triple H and Stephanie holding him back.

Bleakly, we must also have to consider that Orton has simply peaked in WWE and that his best days are behind him. Maybe nothing can rehabilitate his character at this point.

He’s never been that versatile or well-rounded a performer. So should we accept his character has gone as far as it can go? And that, in an ever-changing business, the third-generation star is going to find himself left behind?

I wouldn’t dismiss Orton entirely, though.

There’s a reason he’s been on top for so long. He does have a lot of talent and can be a major asset. It’s just up to WWE and its creative team to best utilize his skills.