WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Full Predictions for Each Champion

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IIJune 27, 2014

WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Full Predictions for Each Champion

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    It's not just for a briefcase tis year is it?
    It's not just for a briefcase tis year is it?Photo by WWE

    When the Money in the Bank concept was brought to WWE, it started out as a special attraction during the WrestleMania extravaganza where anyone who participated had a chance to make history down the road.

    With all of its risks and high-flying glory, it became one of the most popular match types in the business.

    With time, it grew to become its own brand of pay-per-view and has since been one of the most successful of the calendar year.

    The 2014 edition will not only have a chance to make history—it will. For the first time ever, the most coveted prize in all of sports entertainment will be hanging high above the ring.

    A new WWE World Heavyweight champion will be crowned this coming Sunday night in Boston.

    Should all go as planned, every single champion on the main roster will be present as well, for they too will have their hands full.

    Some will have to defend their titles, while others must capitalize on the opportunity to grab the prize hanging high above.

    Will it be a briefcase? Will it be a title belt?

    The future is not yet written but...

    What is in store for the elite of WWE come MITB? Read on to see our predictions.

The United States and Intercontinental Champions

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    Will he be at the party?
    Will he be at the party?Image by WWE

    Wade Barrett and Sheamus—two phenomenal athletes, two popular characters.

    Both are inserted in a ladder match this Sunday.

    Though they are not in the same match, the stakes are just as high in each. One can end the night holding the heavyweight championship and the other can take it soon after, with only two simple words: "cash in."

    At this very moment, however, there is no certainty as to whether Barrett will be able to compete due to the shoulder injury he received while fighting Dean Ambrose last Friday on SmackDown.

    The WWE Universe definitely needs this one to be well and ready to continue because he has come into his own and is positioned to be a great intercontinental champion.

    Should he not be present, this gives him a bye in some way. He will still hold on to his title, and a replacement will be chosen.

    Personally, I believe it is time for The Miz to make his return—perhaps even under the tutelage of Ric Flair.

    Should that be the case, expect the Awesome One to be a real contender in months to come.

    For Sheamus, the U.S. champ, it will not be so simple. He is featured in the elite match and knows what it is to be the world champion.

    Many inside that match have already crossed paths with the red warrior, and everyone knows how devastating he can be in the ring.

    Contenders be warned.

    The honest truth? Sheamus and Barrett will likely have a future encounter down the road, and not for the world championship.

    It is time to unify the second-tier titles, and SummerSlam in L.A is a lovely place to do it.

    Hopefully, both men will be in top shape come August, and it could be built up to be an amazing program. 

    So, assuming at this point that both competitors make their way into their match this Sunday, Sheamus and Barrett will each deliver a great performance yet come up short on winning, which will signal the beginning of the next chapter in their careers.

    Who is the best champion between them?

The Tag Team Champions

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    Bang! Boom! Explosions!
    Bang! Boom! Explosions!Photo by WWE

    When they say U, you say SO!

    U...SO! U...SO!

    The exciting, high-flying duo known as the Usos have been successfully defending their titles against all comers. Recently, they have been thrust into the main event spotlight in their feud with Evolution and the Wyatts.

    The tag team division seems a little dull as of late—not because its champions fail to deliver but instead for the lack of competition.

    This generation's wild Samoans are deserving champions who can handle themselves well inside the ring.

    Will it be enough to stop the rising darkness coming in the form of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, aka The Wyatt Family?

    These monsters rally behind Bray Wyatt and his messages of destruction. Yet by themselves, they have formed their own devastating characters.

    The entire trio has a chance to walk out of MITB this Sunday, each holding a piece of gold in their hands.

    So far, this feud has kept the fans ignited, and the long-awaited title match will finally happen.

    Expect no mercy on either side. This one will be ugly, but there can be only one winning team.

    Come Monday night on Raw, the tag team championship will still be in the hands of the young Usos.

    It is their time now. The high-flyers have a chance to establish a long reign and take their place among the greatest teams ever.

    Why stop now?

    There is a lot to go from there afterward. 

    Goldust and Stardust, The Ascension...

    A wild guess anyone?

The Divas Champion

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    It's time for her to shine!
    It's time for her to shine!Image by WWE

    Back in April, AJ Lee made history by being the first Diva to defend her championship at WrestleMania.

    She did that and was successful in defeating 14 other women. Her reign stood at an outstanding 295 days.

    No one was able to stop her until...


    The NXT women's champion came to the ring and attempted to congratulate her peer but was challenged instead to an impromptu title match.

    The unforeseen happened, and Paige defeated AJ. She became the youngest WWE Divas champion in history at 21 years old.

    It was a moment that will remain in the annals of history forever. The sky was the limit for this young, beautiful, awesome performer.

    That is, until WWE continued its usual burying of the Divas division.

    Paige's reign is, at the moment, quite lackluster. What could have been most promising has been reduced to the same old, tired antics of two- to five-minute matches.

    There is more focus on Alicia Fox's post-match crazy stunts than the Divas champion.

    How sad. 

    The division is full of amazing talent. A strong Divas roster is good for business—a smart person should realize that.

    This Sunday, Paige will defend her title against the Funkadactyl, Naomi. There has been some trouble between her and Cameron as of late as well. How will that translate this Sunday?

    Naomi has always been an exciting character and very skilled in the ring. She also seems to be taking on a new attitude.

    Both Funkadactyls are stars on the successful TV show Total Divas, and it is about time the butterfly appears on television.

    Personally, I predict Paige to retain and from this day forward, to be built up into a powerful character. She must live up to the division's mantra of "Smart, Sexy and Powerful."

    No one knows if or when Lee will return, but there is enough competition to go around.

    No more nonsense!

    SummerSlam is drawing near. There needs to be a stellar program for the ladies. Paige can do it.

    So can Naomi.

    Decisions, decisions.

    Will Kharma return to WWE this summer? YES! YES! YES!

The Fate of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

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    Time for a real, singular, classic title belt!
    Time for a real, singular, classic title belt!Photo courtesy of WWE.com

    A championship without a champion is like a land without a king—nothing but chaos.

    The time has come to crown a new king.

    Daniel Bryan had so much promise, but fate saw it differently for the time being.

    WWE's top championship is to be held high above the ring, and the top Superstars will battle to take possession of it.

    In this match you have John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Kane, Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro.

    Take out Orton and Del Rio right away. They aren't even close to becoming champions.

    Orton has been there already, and going with him would be like taking 10 steps back at the moment.

    WWE needs to move forward.

    Del Rio...why is he constantly being forced down the WWE Universe's throat?

    He is not relevant or interesting. Next!

    Sheamus is the United States champion. He will give the fans a good show, but his destiny lies elsewhere.

    See the commentary on him a few slides back.

    Kane is the scripted reason why this whole mess began in the first place. He injured Bryan at the command of The Authority. 

    The fans want his head on a pole, and the other competitors will happily oblige.

    That leaves the final four competitors: Cena, Wyatt, Cesaro and Reigns.


    Three of those are the future of this company and this business altogether.

    It is about time some fresh characters are introduced into the main event scene.

    There are years of great moments in front of them. For that reason, Cena will become the heavyweight champion this Sunday. It is too soon for the others right now. Let everyone enjoy their evolution.

    Too many times has there been a Superstar thrust into the spotlight only to come up short—not because they couldn't deliver but because creative failed them.

    Cesaro, Wyatt and Reigns are awesome! They are the future in a business that will fail if not taken care of seriously.

    It is a delicate matter of vital importance. Failing to build up these three correctly will result in irreparable damage.

    Cena must win to give them a chance to chase after the title.

    Cena must win because SummerSlam is around the corner.

    Cena must win because he must battle Brock Lesnar in the future.

    The Beast incarnate has defeated The Undertaker and ended his streak at WrestleMania XXX. He now wants the gold and will destroy everyone in his path, even if that person is the leader of the WWE Universe.

    Once all this happens, there is no end to the possibilities.

    Anything can happen in the WWE, after all.

This Show Will Deliver!

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    Will John Cena be ready for the coming summer?
    Will John Cena be ready for the coming summer?Image by WWE

    Money in the Bank is always an action-packed event filled with endless possibilities.

    This year's show will stand out in the history books not only because it will deliver a brand-new WWE champion but also because new figureheads will be revealed.

    It is a giant step into the future.

    This business thrives on the energy of its fans, and reinventing itself here should prove a most profitable endeavor.

    Perhaps a few surprises are in store this Sunday. New champions crowned? An unforeseen return?

    A new WWE world championship belt commissioned?

    Who knows?

    The summer is heating up to be one of the most exciting ever, and it all starts in Boston on Sunday, June 29, 2014.

    Next stop after that: Battleground!

    May the best competitors win.