Chad Johnson of the Montreal Alouettes Not on List of CFL's Top 50 Players

Jim FlanneryAnalyst IJune 28, 2014

Chad Johnson isn't what he once was with the Cincinnati Bengals.
Chad Johnson isn't what he once was with the Cincinnati Bengals.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

TSN has revealed its list of the top 50 players in the CFL for the 2014 season, and wide receiver Chad Johnson of the Montreal Alouettes is not on the list.

While this might not come as much of a shock to CFL fans, it might be surprising for fans of the NFL or of Johnson. After all, when a (formerly) elite receiver from the NFL decides to try his hand in the Canadian game, it just stands to reason that he'll start right at the top of the class, right?


Johnson was not much of a factor in his preseason debut, making just a single catch for 13 yards. 

Meanwhile, slot back S.J. Green, sixth on TSN's Top 50 list, caught two passes for 44 yards, and wide receiver Duron Carter, 35th on TSN's list, has caught five passes for 51 yards in two preseason games.

And that's going to be the reality for "Ochocinco" as he acclimates himself to the CFL game this year; he is going to be, at best, the third option for quarterback Troy Smith. 

Chances are good that this is as far up the pecking order as Johnson will ever get on the Alouettes. He's 36 years old and hasn't been involved in a meaningful game since he parted ways with the New England Patriots in 2011. 

But I'm okay with that. It takes guts for Johnson to attempt a comeback after two years away from the sport. More than that, it's good for the CFL. The entire league is getting more attention this year because of Johnson's presence, and more attention means more fans in the seats, better TV ratings and more profitability.

Since the recent collective bargaining agreement strife, everyone is talking about the CFL's ability to generate income. The boost that No. 85 should bring to the Alouettes in particular and the CFL in general should help to make the product more financially viable.

Just don't expect Ochocinco to go breaking any receiving records.

The Alouettes open the regular season on the road when they take on the Calgary Stampeders on Saturday, June 28 at 3 p.m. ET.


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