WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of June 23

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 27, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

To dig into WWE social media this week was to experience a fun look behind the curtain.

The tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos from the WWE world that most intrigued centered largely around catching glimpses that the cameras on Raw and SmackDown don't provide. Fans vicariously experienced what it's like to burst through the curtain and reach the Money in the Bank briefcase. They saw Paige and Emma goof around backstage and how well Lana stays in character off screen.

Jim Ross' commentary, Enzo Amore's return and flubs on the mic delivered some of the other notable WWE-related social media offerings.

Amore had been nursing a broken leg, leaving him out of action at NXT. He dashed back onto the scene on Thursday's NXT to assist Colin Cassady.

In a backstage interview afterward, Enzo brought his hilarious, energetic style back on camera. Calling his enemies "chicken tenders" and rattling off the types of dogs that he emulates, he showed fans just how much NXT missed him.

Not all Superstars can rock the mic like Amore, though.

WWE's archives are filled with memorable instances of verbal belly flops. The company shared some of those in its latest top-10 countdown video. Sid Vicious features prominently on it.

The list also includes Jeremy Piven, confusion about cities in the Midwest and a mix-up over domes that have hosted WrestleMania. Despite having some WCW moments, it doesn't, however, include Booker T's famous slip-up. 

Emma made her own mistake in impersonating the Divas champ. She thought, though, that no one was watching.

A black wig atop her head, she stars in a funny video posted on Instagram.

The chemistry these two women have shown at NXT and in flashes like these should be WWE's sign to pair them on TV more. They would thrive as either rivals or partners. They just need the opportunity.

That's the sentiment many have shared about Dolph Ziggler throughout his career. He has been producing fantastic in-ring work regardless of where WWE places him on the card.

After a tremendous showing on Monday's Raw against Bad News Barrett, he punctuated the performance with a potent tweet.

WWE also shared a look at him just before he tore through the curtain in a video on Instagram. It's a view fans don't often get to see.

Ziggler was a part of another video featuring a unique perspective. WWE posted a clip of The Showoff talking about winning Money in the Bank, something he hopes to do again this Sunday.

The camera angle allows fans to see what climbing a ladder in the middle of the ring and pulling down the briefcase looks like.

After WWE gave Vickie Guerrero a slop-centered goodbye, she stepped out of character and let us into her mind. She composed a moving message for her fans and all those in the industry who have helped her along the way.

With her gone, Lana has a chance to step up as a prominent female manager. "The Ravishing Russian" gave Vickie a salute of her own.

She shared an image of her side by side with Vickie, writing, "There is much to be learned from a strong woman."

Photo from Instagram

The equally ridiculous and heartfelt tribute Vickie received, like just about anything, would have been better had J.R. called it. The legendary announcer would have found the emotional core of the moment and drawn it out.

It's what he did throughout his Hall of Fame career and continues to do in various forms thanks to the Internet.

Fans regularly superimpose his calls onto non-WWE action, whether it is a slam dunk or people falling down. He has most recently tackled video games thanks to a video matching some of his most memorable lines with gameplay from Mario KartStreet Fighter and others.

The melding of two mediums is simply awesome. Mario sneering as he rides by a fallen Luigi as Ross says, "Does he have no heart? Does he have no soul?" is the kind of shareable content that is the perfect way to cap off a long week.