Dodgers: Russell Martin's the Man

Kyle HuguesContributor IMay 2, 2008

Russell Martin is without a doubt the premier catcher in baseball. That's right, all of baseball. He's better than Joe Mauer, Brian McCann, and any other catcher you would like to compare him with.

Making his first all-star team last year, Martin did it all. With the leather, the bat, and his legs, Martin is striding to being regarded as one of the most respected players in the game. I remember when Martin made his debut in 06, I, like many others thought this kid was nothing but a replacement until we got our starter at the time (Dionner Navarro) back. I was wrong, very wrong. Russell did nothing that year besides slug 10 home runs, steal 10 bases, hit .282, and turn heads all around the league.

In his first full seasons in the big leagues, Russell not only made the all-star team, but also won both the Silver Slugger, and Gold Glove awards. Although off to a slow start this year, Martin has raised his average back near .300, and is showing off those skills that made him a star, making this young player a complete catch for the Dodgers.