WWE SmackDown: Spoiler-Free Preview for June 27

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 26, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Enemies set to meet in Ladder matches at Money in the Bank will collide on the June 27 edition of WWE SmackDown, offering a preview of larger-scale battles to come.

Warriors will attempt to score victories leading up to a night where the value of winning shoots up tremendously. The Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh hosts WWE's last warm-up before that upcoming pay-per-view. 

Friday's SmackDown will feature Sheamus, Dean Ambrose, Kane and the Divas champ.

Fans who made it to the home of the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday and those who have leafed through the spoiler reports already know how all the action played out. The matches won't air until Friday on SyFy, though.

The following is a spoiler-free look at the taped bouts that will make up the go-home edition of SmackDown.

Cameron vs. Paige

Paige has been surrounded by The Funkadactyls lately. After battling both women in the ring over the last few weeks, she has two more meetings with them.

She faces Naomi at Money in the Bank with the Divas Championship on the line, but Cameron stands in her way Friday night.

On Monday's Raw, Cameron sat in on commentary for Naomi's match against Alicia Fox. She spent half the time dismissing Paige and the other half talking trash about her own tag team partner.

With Naomi surely watching closely, Cameron now gets a shot to prove that she is just as worthy of a title opportunity as her fellow Funkadactyl. Meanwhile, Paige seeks momentum, hoping to knock off one funky dancer before clashing with the other on Sunday.

Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose

Two of the seven men in the Money in the Bank Ladder match clash early on SmackDown. 

Barrett has been on a hot streak lately and piling up wins, including one in a fantastic match on Monday's Raw against Dolph Ziggler. Ambrose's momentum is of a different kind. His feud with Seth Rollins has allowed him to explore his more frenzied, off-kilter side.

He's been compellingly crazy as of late, like when he threatened to snatch up the Money in the Bank briefcase and sell it to a pawn shop.

He'll try to transfer that energy into the ring against Barrett but will likely have to do so with Rollins lurking behind him. The two former partners haven't been able to finish a fight with anyone else, a brawl with each other interrupting many of their recent matches.

Barrett has made his share of enemies lately, so he could see Ziggler or Rob Van Dam get in his way here, but the safe bet is on Rollins and Ambrose's feud to grow hotter.

Sheamus vs. Bray Wyatt

This bout allows two combatants in the WWE title Ladder match to size each other up and possibly weaken one of the eight men in that field.

Wyatt and Sheamus have locked horns before, often with captivatingly violent results. That recent history suggests that this match will be one of the best Friday's SmackDown has to offer.

"The Celtic Warrior" has to not only worry about the monster in the ring with him, but Luke Harper and Erick Rowan circling as well. The Usos, who face The Wyatt Family at Money in the Bank, may emerge to even things out, but otherwise Sheamus is in line for a hard night.

A triumph from either man here awards him momentum, perhaps even to lead him to win the WWE title come Sunday.

Dolph Ziggler and Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro and Alberto Del Rio

The tag team match that pits two Money in the Bank competitors against two WWE title Ladder match entrants is brimming with intrigue.

For one, old foes Ziggler and Del Rio face off once more. There is certain to be animosity as well as greatness here. Ziggler and Del Rio have proven to be one of WWE's best go-to combinations with all the standout matches they have delivered together.

Cesaro and Van Dam haven't had that same level of chemistry, but there will be plenty of bad blood between them. They have collided time and time again in the last few weeks.

There's then the issue of future foes working together. Will tension rise between Van Dam and Ziggler? Can Cesaro and Del Rio co-exist?

Those questions, plus the blend of established and emerging stars and all the talent involved, ups the appeal of Friday's SmackDown.

Sin Cara vs. Rusev

Sin Cara wasn't able to stop Rusev before. On both the April 8 Main Event and Raw from April 21, the bruiser ran over the luchador.

There's no shame in losing to Rusev at this point, though. He hasn't even been on the mat much since debuting on the main roster. WWE is showcasing him as a dominant, monster heel, and chances are Sin Cara will play his victim again.

Aside from Sin Cara pulling off an upset here, the most interesting potential story is what WWE does with Rusev and Big E's rivalry. Those two brawled on Monday's Raw, which suggests that a possible Money in the Bank match between the two is coming.

Fans will be tuning in to see if Big E inserts himself into this fight, if WWE announces a new match for the pay-per-view or if it takes Rusev in another direction altogether.

Kane vs. Roman Reigns

After Monday's Raw, the WWE title Ladder match field is now up to eight. Triple H inserted his henchman Kane into the action, likely as a means to keep Reigns from walking away the winner.

Reigns gets an early crack at him here. How this match unfolds will tell fans a lot about where this subplot is headed. An intense fight that sees action after the bell signals that their rivalry will be a big part of the match at Money in the Bank.

A clean win for Reigns will have fans calling him one of the bout's favorites. 

Kane may be more interested in hurting Reigns than adding to his win-loss record. During his recent feud with Daniel Bryan, "The Devil's Favorite Demon" looked to send his enemy to the emergency room by piledriving him on the ring steps.

Reigns has to avoid a similar fate or risk entering Sunday's pay-per-view a wounded soldier.

SmackDown serves as WWE's last chance to hard-sell folks on ordering Money in the Bank. With so many of that event's opponents colliding early, Friday's show offers a sneak peek at the turmoil that is sure to come when WWE arrives in Boston.


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