Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose Could Become WWE's Top Summer Feud

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistJune 26, 2014

Dean Ambrose threatens Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose threatens Seth Rollinscredit:

Seth Rollins is currently enjoying a prime spot near WWE's upper echelon thanks to his association with Triple H.  The former Architect of The Shield recently turned his back on his former teammates and aligned himself with The Authority, a move that infuriated many of those fans that did not want to see The Hounds of Justice stop running together.

And no one is more furious over the matter than Dean Ambrose.  In fact, his brewing rivalry with Rollins could very well become WWE's top feud of the summer.

From the moment that Rollins betrayed both Ambrose and Roman Reigns, he has been on the radar of WWE fans.  And while those fans likely expected it all to turn out a little differently, they surely anticipated that one day their favorite faction would separate.

Only they probably expected it would be Ambrose who would cut the cord, not Rollins.

Ambrose has always been portrayed as the loose cannon of The Shield, the man who had to be kept under control at all times.  Like a patient in a psych ward, Ambrose always had the appearance of a man struggling to keep his insanity in check.  Only the right medication was keeping him mellowed out enough to operate in a team environment.

And if he ever went off those meds, fans would see the villainous Dean Ambrose rear his ugly head. That man would be the one to tear The Shield down from the inside out.

But that is not the way it worked out, of course.  Instead, fans witnessed Seth Rollins as the turncoat in The Shield.  Rollins sold his soul to The Authority and his 30 pieces of silver was a spot in the traditional ladder match for the briefcase at WWE's upcoming Money in the Bank event on Sunday, June 29.

And Dean Ambrose, who has been off his medication since the night that Rollins turned on him, will be in that match as well.  

Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrosecredit:

This will mark the first time that both men have touched for longer than a few minutes.  Rollins has been able to evade Ambrose for the most part since The Shield split on June 2, and in that regard, he has been very lucky.  The truth is that Ambrose wants revenge and he wants it in the worst way.

That fact could very well be what keeps Ambrose from pulling down the briefcase at Money in the Bank. He may likely be so consumed with getting revenge on Rollins that winning the opportunity to challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship may not even be on his agenda.

Ambrose wants blood, and he wants it in spite of any other rewards that may be awaiting him on June 29.

Therein lays the key to this developing feud.  Ambrose's need for vengeance is equaled only by Rollins' desire to put The Shield behind him and move up the ladder in WWE.  Both trains of thought directly interfere with each other, and when they collide, it will be huge for fans.

Anytime Ambrose has managed to get his hands on Rollins, even if it's only for a moment, the fans have responded with overwhelming approval.  They want to see this match, this feud, more and more with each passing week.  WWE keeps teasing it and at some point will deliver.

Money in the Bank is just the beginning.  This rivalry could last throughout the summer, and if it does, it could potentially be a moneymaking opportunity for WWE.

Again, fans want to see Dean Ambrose get at Seth Rollins.  Rollins vs. Ambrose is such a novel feud because fans have never seen it before, and they know that when they do, both men will certainly go all out to put on the match of the night every night.  That is what they did in The Shield and now will certainly be no different.

The hands-off policy has kept the heat between the two men alive, and while it will come to an end at Money in the Bank, their budding rivalry is only just beginning.  This is the match-up that fans want to see, and they voice that opinion every time Ambrose comes within an eyelash of destroying Rollins.

And fans will pay to see that happen.  They want to be there when Ambrose finally gets a measure of revenge on the man he once called his brother.  They want to see it live, on TV, on DVD or however else they can, and all of that equals dollar signs for WWE.  

Truth be told, this rivalry will be an excellent way for both men to prove themselves as singles stars. They know each other so well, and they each know what it takes to entertain a crowd.  They will deliver every time they face off, and not only do fans know it, but WWE does as well.

Who knows if this feud will lead to a championship at some point?  And it is much too early to know which man will eventually win the day and go on to the next successful series of matches with a new opponent. But there is no doubt that Seth Rollins against Dean Ambrose has all the makings of becoming an instant classic.

And their rivalry could become the hottest summer event that WWE has seen in quite some time.