College Football's Five Most Likely Upsets in 2009, Pt 2

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College Football's Five Most Likely Upsets in 2009, Pt 2

Sometimes the snow comes down in June. Sometimes the earth goes 'round the moon. And sometimes, an FCS school beats two FBS schools in the same season!

Yes, I did just cite a Vanessa Williams song.

But it speaks to how improbable an upset of a FBS school by a FCS school seems. I write "seems" because it is more common than it appears—albeit among what could be described as "lesser quality" FBS teams.

Nevertheless, these upsets are more than just a Sun Belt school going down.

Ask Colorado and Dan Hawkins what it is like to lose to Montana State! I thought it was "the Big 12!".

Or ask Minnesota, who lost to a North Dakota State team, a team that also beat bowl-eligible Central Michigan in the same season.

And, of course, how could we forget what happened in Ann Arbor in 2007, when national champion Appalachian State shocked and awed the mighty Michigan Wolverines?

This is part two of a three part series that examines potential upsets for the upcoming 2009 college football season.

Part One analyzed potential upsets involving Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) schools and non-BCS Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) schools.

This slideshow will go through potential upsets of FBS schools in BCS conferences by FCS programs.

First, allow me to address a couple of comments from Part One.

One person commented that the picks were not really upsets, since it involved mediocre FBS schools, while another person noted that each selection was a safe one.

With regards to the first comment, any time a team from a "lower" (sub)division beats a team in a "higher" (sub)division, it is an upset.

The teams are divided into these classifications for a reason. Even if it is Montana (an FCS power) beating Washington (0-12 last season), it is still an upset, at least by my definition.

In terms of the second comment, yes these are "safe" picks, in that it would seem ludicrous for me to state that the Charleston Southern-Florida game is a "potential" upset. I am looking at the games that present the best opportunity for an upset.

Picking the Buccaneers to beat the Gators would be akin to predicting a 16-seed beating a 1-seed in the NCAA basketball tournament:

It could happen, but it is extremely unlikely. Thus, most of these picks are more like a 13-seed beating the 4-seed.

Still, I am not as confident about these potential upsets as I am with Part One. I am not claiming these upsets will definitely take place (as you will see, #5 is not likely, but presents a better scenario than any other match-up).

So, enjoy! I appreciate any and all feedback.

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