Wall Street Journal Power Ranks the Worst Flopping Sides of the World Cup

Sean SwabyUK Staff WriterJune 25, 2014

Getty Images

Throw the accusations out the window. Flopping-related claims now have scientific evidence on their side. 

The World Cup has been filled with the standard play-acting and theatrics that typically run rampant, whether it's to influence a referee's decision or simply to run out the clock. 

The Wall Street Journal set out to see who the worst culprit was and re-watched the first two rounds of matches (32 games). Their criteria was to only count "injuries" where the player came back on and measured the amount of time the "injured" player spent in agony on the pitch.

It's a good thing Brazil are through to the knockout stages, because they landed atop the dubious list of those who embellish the most.

World Cup newcomers Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the other hand, are dear to our hearts for only wasting 24 seconds of our collective time.

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