Questions I'd Ask For A Feature On New Raiders' C Samson Satele

Lionel HillContributor IJuly 2, 2009

MIAMI - NOVEMBER 09:  Offensive lineman Samson Satele #64 of the Miami Dolphins celebrates his team's victory over the Seattle Seahawks at Dolphin Stadium on November 9, 2008 in Miami, Florida. The Dolphins defeated the Seahawks 21-19.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

You came from a worst-to-first Miami team. Do you see the same things happening here?

The Raiders have been killed by bad center-to-QB exchanges over the years. What do you think caused these issues and what can you do to help?

Your last three head coaches were offensive coordinators, but your current was an offensive line coach for the majority of his career. Do you feel like you'll answer to him more directly than guys at other positions?

Follow up: how do you feel Coach Cable has approached your game? Has anything changed as a result?

Can you relate to what Mario and Khalif are going through in their position battle, having moved around the line at the end of last year?

Follow-up - how difficult is it to switch positions on the line after a season begins? How did you handle being told to switch after 31 games at center?

You had trouble with larger defensive tackles last year. Do you feel the AFC West gives you a break after seeing Vince Wilfork and Kris Jenkins twice each?

Who were your favorite athletes growing up? What about Hawaiian athletes?

How impressed are you with the growth of Hawaii football?

Follow-up: were you sad to see June Jones leave?

What are mainlanders missing about life in Hawaii?

Follow-up fun question: if I want to surf at a local spot, can I say "Samson said it was cool?"

What are you looking forward to about Northern California? As a young man, do you fear any distractions or did two years in Miami prepare you for them?

Who's more ready for who: Samson Satele, or Raiders fans?