7-Year-Old Catches Touchdown from Colin Kaepernick, Celebrates in Style

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 25, 2014

Jabari Taylor is in grade school, but he’s celebrating touchdowns at a professional level.

The seven-year-old baller showcased a mean pelvic-stir after catching a pass from Colin Kaepernick this weekend. 

BayAreaHQ.com reports that the San Francisco 49ers quarterback was hosting a ProCamps session at St. Ignatius College Prep on Saturday when Taylor was picked out of the crowd to participate in a quick drill.

Supremely confident, Taylor stepped up to the mic, screamed his name and proceeded to overrule route suggestions from an NFC champion. 

“Oh, he waved him off! He waved him off!” yelled the emcee. 

Of course he waved him off. Corner post? That's laughable, Kaep. Like a young Randy Moss, Taylor was born for the fly pattern, baby.

The seven-year-old streaked to the end zone, caught Kaepernick’s pass and celebrated like it was 1999. 

They don’t teach you this in kindergarten. These are moves you come crawling out of Mom with. The entire camp, Kaepernick included, went nuts for the young showboater. I can only assume that somewhere, Roger Goodell stopped bowhunting infant seals long enough to scribble down a reminder to fine Taylor after the 2028 draft. 

Get your kicks now, young padawan. By the time Taylor is old enough to catch passes in the NFL, smiling and raising eyebrows in your opponent’s direction will be 10-yard penalties. Until then, however, have fun. 

It is, after all, a game.


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