Smooth Kid Gives Souvenir Ball to Young Girl at Toronto Blue Jays Game

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Just when you thought chivalry was dead and rotting in a shallow grave, a grade-school hero resurrects the code.

A young fan at a Toronto Blue Jays game pulled off a slick move Monday night when a souvenir ball from the field came into his possession. 

Where most kids would spend the rest of the evening marveling greedily over their new prize, this kid promptly tossed the ball to a young girl sitting behind him. New York Yankees sportscasters Michael Kay and John Flaherty couldn’t quite believe what they were seeing.

“Now, look at this. Already a gentleman,” Kay said. “That’s very nice.” 

“Look how proud his dad is,” added Flaherty.

And of course the man sitting next to him is proud. Children, like many adults, are generally selfish and terrible.

This young boy had every reason to hold onto this treasure. For children, a souvenir ball is like a Bentley soaked in myrrh. You wait all your short life to get your stubby little fingers on anything that has been graced by a sports hero. Who cares if it’s just a chewed up practice ball recovered by some staff assistant? For all your little mind knows, Derek Jeter could’ve slept with it under his pillow. It’s possible!

Alas, this young man took the smooth, high road, and in doing so, schooled all of us on how to lay the groundwork in a budding relationship.

That ball was his, and by sacrificing a short-term reward, this kid made an impression that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations, young man. You might still be tonguing around your baby teeth, but you have more game than 90 percent of the adult male population. 


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