Sport's Oddest Traditions Explained

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Sport's Oddest Traditions Explained

I am really not much of a lists kind of guy. I mean reading a list is sometimes as exciting as reading the phone book.

David Wallechinsky, his father, Irving Wallace, and sister, Amy Wallace published the first “Book of Lists” back in 1977 and the rest is list history.

Many Bleacher Report writers have adopted this list format. We have "Top 10" lists, "Bottom 10" lists, "The Best Players To Not Do This," "The Worst Players To Do That," "My Favorite ___" get the idea.

Even the sample for the slide title is "The 10 Best Basketball Shoes of All Time." Quite frankly, after “Chuck Taylor” and “Air Jordan,” I would be done.

I know many readers enjoy these articles, and I’m not saying I don’t on occasion. It is just that sometimes they leave me wanting more. I’m just inquisitive by nature and as Albert Popwell said to “Dirty Harry” Callahan in 1971, “I gots to know.”

What really got me started thinking about this was (ironically enough) a list I read recently on strange sports conventions.

Throwing octopi onto the ice at a hockey game is strange indeed, but what started this peculiar tradition?

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