Uso's vs. Wyatt Family Results: Winner and Post-Match Reaction

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistJune 29, 2014

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After months of hard-fought battles against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, The Usos finally vanquished their foes at Money in the Bank as they beat the Wyatt Family and retained the WWE Tag Team Championships Sunday night. WWE provided a picture after the win with the crowd reaction:

WrestlingINC broke down how the match ended:

While Harper and Rowan were seemingly after The Usos and their titles for quite a long time, WWE managed to hold off on a pay-per-view title match until Money in the Bank. Ultimately, it was well worth the wait as the two teams put on an excellent show.

After the match, The Usos took to Twitter to remind fans of the result: 

Since defeating the New Age Outlaws during the lead up to WrestleMania XXX, The Usos have taken on and defeated all comers. Harper and Rowan certainly posed the stiffest challenge of all, but that is exactly what The Usos were expecting:

The Usos and Wyatts have contrasting styles, which has allowed them to mesh well and put forth some great in-ring work throughout their feud. That was evident once again Sunday as they were given ample time to impress.

Even though WWE's tag team division isn't particularly deep right now, there is no question that the creative team has placed emphasis on the titles over the past several weeks by committing fully to this rivalry. The fact that The Usos and Wyatts had so many matches leading up to this meant that it didn't necessarily feel fresh, but an actual story has been told, which isn't always the case.

The Usos rushed to John Cena's aid during his feud with Bray Wyatt, which naturally led to Harper and Rowan stepping in. The two teams went at it on a number of occasions and evenly got heavily involved in the Last Man Standing match between Cena and Wyatt at Payback.

While the feud was originally about Cena and Wyatt more than the tag teams, that has changed since Payback. The Usos and Wyatts have managed to put the spotlight on themselves to some degree and they made the most of it at Money in the Bank.

Most fans were likely happy with the match itself, but the result might be questionable to some. The Usos are a strong tag team and have carried the titles well, however, it very much felt like it was the Wyatts' time leading up to the pay-per-view.

Although they are still followers of Wyatt, Harper and Rowan have been given an opportunity to go off on their own to some degree and pursue things other than solely following Wyatt's cause. In fact, Harper and Rowan were given plenty of television time without Wyatt even being in the picture, as seen in this WWE Instagram photo:

Harper and Rowan seemed poised to achieve their own personal glory for the first time in WWE, but the writers decided to keep the straps on The Usos instead. As disappointing as that might be to supporters of the Wyatt Family, it can be argued that Harper and Rowan don't necessarily need titles in order to thrive.

With that said, it is difficult to say where these two teams go from here. There are very few teams left for either of them to go up against and it is hard to imagine this feud continuing now that The Usos have vanquished Harper and Rowan.

Perhaps now is the time to pull the trigger on calling up a team like The Ascension from NXT to take on The Usos. Harper and Rowan can get by on simply being Wyatt's henchmen, but The Usos need opponents to defend the titles against.

The feud between The Usos and Wyatts was effective in building an actual tag team angle and showcasing the titles as well, but there is no doubt that Money in the Bank should be the end of the line for this rivalry.


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