Joey Barton Plays Devil's Advocate on Luis Suarez's Bite in Uruguay vs. Italy

BR-UK StaffFeatured Columnist IVJune 25, 2014

Tim Hales/Associated Press

After Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini in Tuesday's World Cup match between Uruguay and Italy, you would have been hard pressed to find someone coming to his defence. Cue Joey Barton.

The notorious midfielder, currently plying his trade at QPR, has never been one to shy away from controversial opinions. And to be honest, his first tweet on the Suarez saga seemed pretty level-headed.

"You can't defend him here," Barton said, before proceeding to pretty much do exactly that.

Getting less mainstream now...

Winners don't need to worry about right and wrong...

This is certainly true. But nearly everybody refrains from biting other human beings.