Venus & Serena: “Sistahs” Are Doin' It For Themselves

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IJanuary 20, 2017

July 4 will be Independence Day here in “the colonies," while in England, it will be Williams “Sistahs” Day. That’s the day the two dominant siblings go at each other for the Wimbledon Ladies Singles Champion title.

“Dominant?" Do I really need to explain that term as applied to “Da Sistahs?"

Okay…They hold 17 Grand Slam titles between them. Just at Wimbledon, Serena holds two titles, while big sister holds five. One or the other has won seven of the last nine titles at Wimbledon. This will be Serena’s fourth Wimbledon Singles Finals appearance and Venus’ eighth. If Venus wins this one, she will become the first woman since Steffi Graf, in 1991-93, to win Wimbledon three years in a row. Then, of course, there are all of those doubles titles that they hold…TOGETHER.

What fascinates me most about “Da Sistahs,” beyond their incredible skills, is their ability to flip the switch between rooting for each other as loving siblings and trying to destroy each other when competing against each other. They’re so close as siblings that it spawned silly rumors in their early pro years…that continues in some hater circles today, that they and their dad were predetermining who would win when they played each other. It was and is a silly rumor because anyone who watches these two “fire cats” play can see that switch as it gets turned on (when they play each other) and off (when they spectate), as appropriate.

I’ve also been fascinated with the amount of hate that they get…each for different absurd…nee…GOOFY reasons. Some folks hate on Venus because she isn’t deemed as being pretty…by certain standards. Some hate on Serena because she dares to do other things besides play & think about tennis 24/7/365, IE. running her own fashion design company, modeling, acting and writing tele/screenplays….all while still kicking booty on the courts. Some even hate her because she’s powerfully built. They call her “Serena Man” etc. Personally, I think she’s hot. Given the opportunity…that will never come, I’d hit it…and so would most of her haters.

Who will win? Although I think Serena is the better player, Venus is "DA Sistah" on grass. Venus just destroyed No. 1 Sarafini like she caught her stealing chickens...from Serena.

In conclusion…If you’re a fan of both “sistahs”, as I am, you’re already ecstatic. If you’re a fan of one and a hater of the other, you have a 50 percent chance at joy on Saturday. But if you hate both…well…you’re already miserable and I’m THRILLED that you are!

Venus and Serena….You GO Girls!!!

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