Luis Suarez Bite Makes 167 Gamblers Very Happy

Who could have possibly expected Luis Suarez would bite an opponent at the 2014 World Cup?

The Liverpool striker has been known to enjoy an occasional chomp in the past—twice prior, in fact, at least that we know of—and he caused a bit of a stir with some arguably unsporting play in 2010.

But nobody could have imagined he'd do something so foolish again. Right?


As it turns out, 167 people took advantage of a prop bet on Suarez from gambling site Betsson, based in Malta, paying off at 175-1 odds.

That included Thomas Syverson, the holder of the ticket stub seen above, who made "the equivalent of a $5.25 bet (3.85 euros)," according to ESPN. He won $916 (673 euros) for his efforts.

The biggest winner was an unnamed Norwegian who won $3,300 due to the Uruguayan's lapse in judgment.

We're willing to guess Suarez will lose a whole lot more than that.

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