Liverpool's Report of Uruguay Match Leaves out Certain Bite-Related Details

Sean SwabyUK Staff WriterJune 24, 2014


If a casual Liverpool fan missed Uruguay's match against Italy, didn't talk to anyone, stayed off of social media and was generally cut off from the world except for Liverpool's report on their site of the match, they'd draw a few conclusions. 

  • Uruguay won the match 1-0 to advance to the knockout stages. 
  • Luis Suarez completed 90 minutes. 
  • Luis Suarez was denied his best scoring chance by Gianluigi Buffon

And that's all. Of course, something did happen of slight importance during the match that had the world talking. 

The story's no longer up, naturally, but for the few Suarez fans who saw that, and only that, they had a better day than other fans of the Uruguayan forward.