NHL Teams Make Their Pitches to LeBron James over Twitter

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJune 24, 2014


If LeBron James really wants to explore all of his options this summer, he will have plenty of opportunities.

ESPN's Chris Broussard broke the story on Tuesday morning that James would be opting out of his contract with the Miami Heat. That news has NBA fans, and possibly NHL fans, hopeful that the four-time NBA Most Valuable Player will join their team.

Wait, NHL fans? Indeed.

A couple of NHL teams—including Ohio's own Columbus Blue Jacketsacted quickly to Broussard's report and made a pitch to James:

The St. Louis Blues arrived a little late to the party, but they want to let the NBA superstar that they are nonetheless interested in signing him:

Of course, others also wanted James to consider them:

It looks like James will have the choice of what sport he wants to play next season.

[Twitter, h/t Diehard Sports]