WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Bold Predictions for Roman Reigns and Other Stars

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJune 23, 2014

WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Bold Predictions for Roman Reigns and Other Stars

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Money in the Bank is all about the shocks, the twists and the drama. And with an interesting looking card this year, it promises to be one of the more dramatic pay-per-view shows in recent memory.

    With no WWE World Heavyweight Champion heading into the event, we are going to see a brand new champion crowned at Money in the Bank, thanks to the chaotic scenes of that patented ladder match.

    And thankfully, the infamous briefcase will also be making an appearance at the event, as there will be a second ladder match to determine who gets the shot at the new champion down the line.

    With a clutch of top stars emerging from the pack in recent months, what does the event have in store for the likes of Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt?

    Let's attempt to look into the future and make some bold predictions.

Dolph Ziggler to Win a Second MITB Briefcase

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The second ladder match at Money in the Bank is incredibly intriguing, not least because we only know one participant thus far.

    Sure, Seth Rollins will likely be joined by six other men on the go-home edition of Raw prior to Money in the Bank, but who the men are is a complete mystery.

    The WWE need to pick carefully in this instance, and Dolph Ziggler simply has to be included. He's still massively over and is always capable of putting on a real show in circumstances like these.

    So, why not have the WWE go one step further and actually give him the win? It would be a remarkably left-field choice to be honest, and it carries plenty of risks.

    But Ziggler did a great job of carrying that briefcase last time around and generated a pretty iconic moment when he finally cashed it in.

    Of all the men languishing down the card waiting for a shot like this, Dolph Ziggler would arguably be many people's pick.

The Rhodes Brothers to Finally Implode

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    Surely, surely there is a whole reason behind Cody Rhodes somehow becoming "Stardust"?

    Hopefully, it is all part of a storyline which leads Cody to realize that it isn't him that's actually the problem, it's his brother.

    And if that is the case, having him turn on his brother at Money in the Bank would be an ideal launching pad for his future. It would also be quite apt, given how it is exactly a year since Damien Sandow turned on Cody to win the briefcase at MITB.

    You feel that the sky is the limit for Cody if he's booked right as a fledgling heel. He really fits the role quite well, and it is time for The Rhodes Brothers to go their separate ways.

    And for Cody, that means moving up, rather than down.

Bray Wyatt to Solidify a Face Turn

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    The Wyatt Family seem to be heading down the same track The Shield took a few months ago, as their popularity continues to rise.

    Eventually, the WWE had to buckle under the popularity of The Shield and turn them face. Bray Wyatt in particular is seeing something very similar happen to his character, and he could well be in line for a turn himself.

    So why not at Money in the Bank? It's a perfect opportunity given how Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are competing elsewhere and Wyatt is all on his own.

    The fans are getting more and more into Bray, and he is becoming a real fan favorite despite his character profile being almost the exact opposite.

    If the turn was done in such a way to leave Wyatt coming up short at Money in the Bank, the fans would be even more on his side.

Roman Reigns to Become WWE World Heavyweight Champion

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    Given the hype he's got surrounding him, it may not seem bold to pin the title on Roman Reigns. But considering how he has come from seemingly nowhere to enter the match in the first place, it would have to go down as a shock.

    Reigns has all the credentials to be champion, but you constantly get the feeling the WWE may be looking elsewhere in this instance. That rubs off onto WWE fans, who probably don't expect him to come out of the show with the belt.

    However, why not give Reigns a go? He's young, he's exciting, and he's certainly popular. That cannot be denied, and he would be a smart choice to take over from Daniel Bryan at the top of the tree.

    There are plenty of potential opponents in the firing line should Reigns win, and that is another logical reason why he should come out on top.

    The WWE should strike whilst the iron is hot. Pin the title on Reigns, and we won't be disappointed.