Adrien Broner Wrecks Scooter on Streets of Miami, Crashes into Parked Car

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 23, 2014


Adrien Broner is many things, but a competent scooter driver (scooterer?) he is not.

TMZ reports the three-time world champion boxer was cruising down the streets of Miami, Florida, this weekend when he lost control of his scooter and slammed into a parked car.

As far as humiliations go, you can’t do much worse than wrecking a motorized scooter on a guided tour. It looks like Broner gassed it when he meant to brake, sending him into a door-dinging wheelie alongside a parked car. I guess those scooters are less self-explanatory than one would imagine.

Fortunately, Broner wasn’t hurt in the accident. TMZ reports the car wasn’t harmed, either—although I have no idea how that’s possible. The boxer’s scooter careened down the entire length of the vehicle, surely leaving some scratches. It’s unknown whether the owner was nearby or if Broner left information on the car. Honestly, it looks like he just grinned and tried to drive off.

via TMZ

In the video, a young man walks over to Broner, seemingly to deal with the situation. Instead of offering assistance or saying, “Hey, you hit my car,” the man stands on the sidewalk and tries to take a selfie with Broner in the background. Kids these days.

We’ll keep an eye out for any new developments in this weird, uniquely embarrassing situation. That being said, it may be best if we just move on and pretended this never happened.


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