Luis Suarez's Doppelganger Is a Flight Attendant, Gets Serenaded by English Fans

BR-UK StaffFeatured Columnist IVJune 23, 2014

The SPORT Bible

One of three things is going on in the above video.

1) Uruguay striker Luis Suarez, fresh from essentially eliminating England from the World Cup, moonlights as a flight attendant and has his cover blown by meddling English fans.

2) Suarez's identical twin is pestered by fans mistaking him for his significantly more famous brother.

3) A flight attendant who bears a striking resemblance to the Uruguay striker plays along while drunken football fans loudly serenade him on a crowded flight.

Who can say which is the true story? All we know is that if it's not the real Suarez, it sure looks like him.

[The SPORT Bible, h/t 101 Great Goals]