Yankees Cruise to Make It 7 Wins in a Row

Jack O'ConnellContributor IJuly 1, 2009

Earlier tonight the Yankees played a textbook game with 7 strong innings from veteran Andy Petitte only allowing 2 runs. He struck out 5 including 4 embarrassing strike outs from Russel Branyan. Petitte only allowed 6 hits followed by ideal bullpen pitching from Aceves and Coke. As a Yankee fan, this is what I like to see every day: A solid 7-inning start, good bullpen pitching to setup Mo. In this case, Mariano got his 20th save, (only two behind Heath Bell, 22.)

I know the sound of this may puzzle you, but please bare with me. I am absolutely thrilled the Yankees only scored 4 runs. I wanted them to win some games where their bats were soft, but their pitching was the reason they won. Had this game taken place last year, I think you could have relied on a 7-4 loss.

This isn't to say typical Yankee play was not shown today. 3 bombs were hit today from the hot bat of A-Rod who hit a home run yesterday as well, Damon's 14th home run, and Melky's long, high shot above the foul pole in left field. That was good for his eighth of the year.

The most important part of this stretch is confidence. The Yankees are certainly not lacking it. A-Rod is hot and their starting pitching is doing better than ever. The Yankees team ERA for the last 7 games is exactly 3. Considering their hot bats, anything under the ERA of 5 will do the job. Tomorrow should be another great game for the Bomber because Sabathia, coming off a strong start is pitching the series finale.