Glory 17 Los Angeles: Winners and Scorecards for Cro Cop vs. Miller Fight Card

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJune 21, 2014

In this undated handout photo provided by Ultimate Fighting Championship Mirko Cro Cop poses for a portrait. In the tough business of putting on pay-per-view events, Ultimate Fighting Championship is no longer getting counted out. The upstart company that specializes in mixed martial arts matched the once-dominant World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. in pay-per-view revenues during 2006 and surpassed boxing-titan HBO. The three companies make up the bulk of the pay-per-view business. (AP Photo/Ultimate Fighting Championship)
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On Saturday night in Los Angeles, 39-year-old Mirko Cro Cop defeated Jarrell "Big Baby" Miller by unanimous decision in a rematch of their K1 contest in 2013.

The biggest name on the Glory 17 card did not disappoint.

It wasn't the most action-packed bout, but it wasn't a snoozer. Gareth A. Davies of The Telegraph has the official scores and a word about Cro Cop's performance, and the action:

Before the bout, Cro Cop talked about his destructive intentions for every bout:

A knockout wasn't in the cards, but he left little doubt as to who the better man was. Despite a 40-pound weight disadvantage, per the Spike broadcast, Cro Cop was up to the challenge.

In the first round, Cro Crop's speed and dexterity were too much for the much heavier Miller. The MMA legend was able to beat Miller to the punch in most of the exchanges.

The right hook and a vicious body kick were the most damaging shots of the round. It seemed clear, Miller's only shot at winning would hinge upon him landing a huge shot to hurt Cro Cop.

In the second round, Cro Cop continued to outwork Miller. By effectively smothering Miller's attacks, Cro Cop made it almost impossible for his opponent to use his reach. The kicks to the body became harder and more frequent in the second round.

The third round wasn't much different, though Miller did land a few nice knees in the clinch. Cro Cop kept complaining about low blows. All of the complaints weren't legit, but this gamesmanship didn't have any effect on the outcome.

Miller's background is in boxing, and it was obvious throughout the bout. He seemed to look to clinch often, which isn't an effective tactic in kickboxing. He also did very little work with kicks. He simply couldn't figure out a way to use his size. 

While Cro Cop might not be an elite fighter any more, he did prove that he has enough left in the tank to beat a big, slow heavyweight with limited experience in the sport.

If matched against one of the younger, more agile heavyweights in kickboxing, Cro Cop may run into a bit more trouble.


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