WWE Programming's Best Match for Week of June 21

Brad Jones@beardjonesFeatured ColumnistJune 21, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

In an uneven week for WWE programming in general, we've seen the good and the bad of what the company likes to offer as television matches.

Alongside "blockbuster" main events, there's been plenty of short contests that don't really seem to do much for either competitor. Of course, there's also been a few matches that had the right amount of time and the right talent to product something great.

These are a few of those exemplary bouts—so if you only have time to watch a few matches this week, these should be on your list.


Honourable Mentions

The main event matches of Raw and Smackdown this week were not particularly memorable contests in their own right but perhaps are worth watching even so.

Raw's Stretcher match between John Cena and Kane was rather formulaic but might suggest a renewed focus on the divisive leader of the Cenation. On the other hand, the four-on-three handicap match that main evented SmackDown seemed to be yet another signal of the bright future of Roman Reigns as a top star.

Both matches hold more interest as indications of where storylines will head over the summer, but the handicap match in particular is perhaps worth watching on its own merits.

Elsewhere, Sheamus continued his strong run of in-ring performances with a match against Bray Wyatt on Raw. If Sheamus had a more well-defined character, there's no reason that he wouldn't be a bona fide top star in the company rather than the somewhat middling presence he is at present.


Match of the Week for June 21: Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw

After a superb match on last week's Main Event, these two once again proved that they are a winning pairing on Raw this past Monday night.

A fully invested crowd helped the contest along, but it was the in-ring action that made this match really stand out. Ziggler and Rollins have the sort of chemistry that begs to be taken advantage of, and hopefully we'll see this done in the right way.

This matchup could quite easily be overplayed as Ziggler's long-running rivalry with Kofi Kingston has been, but if WWE manages to make each match mean something, there's no reason that this can't be a long-running series.

The match on Raw was entirely different enough to the Main Event bout to be entertaining, and both men have proved in the past that they are entirely capable of finding fresh takes on familiar encounters.

All this being said, the matches between the two so far are likely just a taste of what they could do with a lengthy slot on a pay-per-view. Here's hoping that we get to see that sooner rather than later.

What was your favourite match this week? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.