Athletes Who Really Just Love to Party

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJune 24, 2014

Athletes Who Really Just Love to Party

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    The life of a pro athlete is one filled with fortune and fame.

    But when these guys aren't focused on winning championships during the season, most of them aren't shy in getting out and enjoying the lifestyle that comes along with playing a sport for a living.

    Over the years, we've seen plenty of dudes who don't just go out for a drink or two, but they take things to the next level by constantly filling the news with their partying ways—and these are the ones who have done it best.

Brian Wilson

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    To this day, there might not be a better postgame quote than Brian Wilson's back in 2010 after winning the World Series with the San Francisco Giants.

    And while Wilson isn't the dominating closer that he was back then—now more of a setup man for the L.A. Dodgers—he will still be remembered for being one the wild men in sports.

    What makes this dude so fun to be around? His sense of humor, as he'll wear anything to get attention and lighten the mood.

Alex Ovechkin

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    Nick Wass/Associated Press

    I've said before that Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has been the most disappointing player in the NHL over the past few years.

    That's because he has owned individual stats, but he has never even made a Stanley Cup Final.

    But when it comes to his partying, Ovie is an all-timer—though he's sat back recently—ensuring himself a good time wherever he is thanks to booze, dancing and interesting costume choices.

Shaun White

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    Paul Bussi-USA TODAY Sports

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    That's the best way to describe action sports star Shaun White's partying ways. The dude has been busted by the cops a few times for drunken tirades.

    His sport demands him to be outrageous and to take part in a crazy lifestyle—and White definitely doesn't disappoint in doing so.

Rory McIlroy

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    Alan Diaz/Associated Press

    Former No. 1 player in the world, Rory McIlroy seems like a dude that most guys would want to have a few drinks with.

    McIlroy's shining, partying moment came in 2012 after he won the U.S. Open and was seen chugging some brew out of the top of the trophy.

    Seeing how he's still just 25 years old, it's no wonder that he doesn't mind throwing down a little bit.

Floyd Mayweather

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    Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

    Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. might be the richest athlete on the planet right now, but don't think for a second that he just sits back on his cash and doesn't enjoy it.

    Anyone with an Instagram account knows that because Floyd posts tons of pics with him flaunting his lavish lifestyle—and, recently, paying rapper Nicki Minaj $50,000 to appear at his daughter's birthday party.

    Nicknamed "Money", Floyd has been known to go wild on sports bets, often tossing five and six figures down to win even more cash.

Patrick Kane

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    I will say this, Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane has definitely slowed his roll on partying over the years—but only because the team showed concerns about him.

    But before that, Kaner was a party animal, celebrating Cinco de Mayo in style back in 2012 and going horse-faced HAM following Chicago's Stanley Cup win in 2013.

    You've got to love this bro.

Johnny Manziel

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    Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

    No description necessary.

    There's a reason why new Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel was told by his new teammate Joe Haden to have a phone valet for all the pictures he takes when not on the football field.

    For the past few years since Johnny Football busted onto the scene, he has held down the fort as the typical, college partier—with the privilege of getting A-list treatment at sporting events, bars and, well, anywhere else he wants.

Mario Balotelli

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    Luca Bruno/Associated Press

    Quite the eccentric character, AC Milan and Italian international forward Mario Balotelli has made the tabloids quite a few times for his partying.

    As someone who likes to show his personality wherever he goes, Balotelli typically doesn't turn down the chance to hit the club, with some of his moments well-documented by Brit magazines over the years.

    Playing with great passion and zeal, Balotelli is someone who is often the toast of the town for doing something outrageous.

Rob Gronkowski

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    While all of these other athletes party, there's no one who's actively playing that does it bigger than Rob Gronkowski.

    Even before he came into the league to play with the New England Patriots, Gronk was kicking it with coeds and causing a scene wherever he went.

    Since being in the league, the tight end has made as much noise off the field as he has on it. He's been dating porn stars, dancing anytime he gets the chance and stealing some hottie's beer—then posing with her.