Milwaukee Bucks' 2014 NBA Draft Big Board

Jordan RodewaldContributor IIJune 24, 2014

With change already aplenty this offseason, the Milwaukee Bucks will look to continue their remodeling project this week during the 2014 NBA draft. And with a deep pool of talent, the team's draft board is likely in a constant state of flux.

Who will be there for the taking at No. 2? What will the Bucks do with their abundance of second-round picks?

Those are questions that are looming large, but for now, let's assume they keep each of their four picks and analyze the four players who make the most sense in those spots.


Round 1, Pick 2

Top Three Pick No. 2 Options
NameCollege/Previous TeamHeightWeightPosition
1. Jabari ParkerDuke6'8"241 lbsSF/PF
2. Andrew WigginsKansas6'8"197 lbsSF
3. Dante ExumAustralian Institute of Sport6'6"196 lbsPG/SG

The opportunity to pick this high has its pros and cons. The Bucks will get the chance to select one of the best available players, but should that pick not pan out, there will certainly be some scrutiny.

Depending on what the Cleveland Cavaliers do with the first pick, the Bucks may have to readjust their board accordingly.

However, Duke's Jabari Parker is the obvious choice and would immediately make an impact in Milwaukee.

Parker possesses good height and solid size to go along with his ability to score in many different ways. In fact, he is currently the best offensive player in the draft and would immediately help a Bucks offense which finished 28th in points per game and 26th in field-goal percentage.   

This is a noticeable contrast to the play of Andrew Wiggins and Dante Exum.

Both Wiggins and Exum are oozing with potential, but they certainly won't provide the team with immediate production on offense as both players are very raw.

Where they both do provide an advantage over Parker, though, is on defense.

That's why the Bucks must decide which they value more: scoring or perimeter defense.

With shot-blockers like Larry Sanders and John Henson, and the emergence of Giannis Antetokounmpo as a pesky defender, the answer should be clear.

However, according to ESPN's Jeff Goodman, the Bucks are intrigued by Exum:

Ultimately, I agree with Goodman. Exum is too big of a risk to take at No. 2, and the team will likely grab Parker if he's available.


Round 2, Pick 31

Top Three Pick No. 31 Options
NameCollege/Previous TeamHeightWeightPosition
1. PJ HairstonTexas Legends (D-League)6'5"229 lbsSG
2. Spencer DinwiddieColorado6'6"205 lbsSG
3. Mitch McGaryMichigan6'10"263 lbsC

The first of Milwaukee's three second-round picks comes at No. 31, and it will likely have some solid players to choose from.

After a very poor season, O.J. Mayo's future in Milwaukee is certainly not set in stone. Regardless of what happens on that front, the Bucks need depth at shooting guard.

If still available when the second round begins, P.J. Hairston may be the best talent at that position.

Hairston has a smooth jump shot and can connect from deep on a consistent basis. Last season with the NBA D-League's Texas Legends, he averaged 21.8 points on 45.3 percent shooting from the field and 35.8 percent shooting from three-point range.

Though he is certainly skilled, Hairston was suspended after his sophomore season at North Carolina for allegedly receiving impermissible benefits, and the university never sought reinstatement.

While that is something other players have faced, it does raise questions about Hairston's character. For that reason, he may not be the right fit on a team already dealing with the antics of Larry Sanders.

Colorado's Spencer Dinwiddie is the second-best option at shooting guard should he be available at No. 31, and Michigan's Mitch McGary can provide the team with another body down low.

Shooting guard is an area of concern, though, so look for the Bucks to go that route with this pick.


Round 2, Pick 36

Top Three Pick No. 36 Options
NameCollege/Previous TeamHeightWeightPosition
1. Patric YoungFlorida6'10"247 lbsC
2. Thanasis AntetokounmpoDelaware 87ers (D-League)6'6"205 lbsSF
3. C.J. WilcoxWashington6'5"201 lbsSG

Whether or not the Bucks keep this pick—and their next, for that matter—is yet to be seen. But sticking with the assumption that they keep them, these three players make the most sense.

Going big here will certainly be an option, especially if they don't do so at No. 36. 

A good player to take a chance on—should he be available—would be Florida's Patric Young.

With Sanders and Henson both being tall and lanky, the Bucks could use a bruiser off the bench. 

And that's exactly what Young is.

At 6'10" and 247 pounds, Young looks built of pure muscle and appears to belong in the WWE instead of the NBA. Having a player who isn't afraid to get in the paint and get chippy is always beneficial.

Young is a guy who will attempt to outwork his opponent each and every time down the court. The Bucks need a player like him.

If they decide to go a different route with this pick, Thanasis Antetokounmpo would be a sentimental pick that might actually fit on the roster moving into the future.

Lastly, if they're still looking for a shooting guard at this point, C.J. Wilcox would be a good option. He had a successful career at Washington, where he shot a solid 39.0 percent from three-point range.


Round 2, Pick 48

Top Three Pick No. 48 Options
NameCollege/Previous TeamHeightWeightPosition
1. Devyn MarbleIowa6'6"192 lbsSG
2. Deonte BurtonNevada6'1"193 lbsPG
3. Andre DawkinsDuke6'5"206 lbsSG

If the Bucks still have this pick, expect them to either go with a shooting guard or potentially a point guard.

And while it's hard to predict talent this late, there are a few decent options.

Deonte Burton would give the team another point guard to experiment with. If Burton pans out, he could potentially allow Brandon Knight to move to shooting guard.

Devyn Marble and Andre Dawkins are both decent options for the shooting guard position should the Bucks still be looking to fill depth there with this pick.

Marble is a more well-rounded player with the capability of getting to the basket off the dribble, while Dawkins is a spot-up shooter with silky stroke.

At Duke, Dawkins shot 41.3 percent from three-point range for his career and is instant offense off the bench. When he's on, he can string together numerous threes in a matter of minutes. If he can work hard to improve other areas of his game, he may be a great value pick at No. 48.

Really, though, I would be surprised if the Bucks keep either of their final two second-round picks.


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