Couple Goes All Out with Air Jordan-Themed Wedding

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJune 20, 2014

via Rock N Roll Bride

Every wedding needs a theme, and it's a good idea for the bride and groom to come up with an idea that both of them can get on board with.

One couple picked such a theme: Air Jordans.

Barbie and Jay, a bride and groom from the Philippines, came up with the idea while trying to think of something that would show off a little bit of what the couple likes, via Rock n Roll Bride:

We wanted our wedding to really be a reflection of us and our favorite thing. Since we are both avid sneaker fans and collectors, it was only fitting that we wear sneakers, specifically Air Jordans, to our wedding. We joke that the theme that day was "Love Is In the Air (Jordans)."

The sneaker theme represents more than just our shared passion for shoes. It also serves as a reminder of our walk with God, first as individuals, and then as the "perfect pair."

Of course, the theme is fitting since the couple's engagement began at a sporting event:

We were basketball fans, but even then it still came as a huge surprise when he proposed to me during halftime at a Lakers game in Los Angeles. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his "Barbie Q" since his last name was Quizan. I seriously thought he wanted to go to a barbecue!

The bride and groom wanted to be comfortable during their wedding, but as with any theme, it's important to get everyone involved. They were able to get the bridal party and the 200 or so guests in on the fun as well.

Speaking of the bridal party:

via Rock N Roll Bride

Once the theme is set, it's all about creativity to get the rest of the wedding together.

Air Jordans were incorporated into the table setting:

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The wedding cake also fit the theme:

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There's nothing preventing a couple from putting together a unique wedding like this. It's the bride and groom's special day, so they should be able to change things up if they want to.

More pictures of the Air Jordan-themed wedding can be seen at Rock n Roll Bride.

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