MLB: Milwaukee Brewers Finally Cut Ties With Ex-All-Star Closer

Adam LindemerSenior Analyst IMay 2, 2008

The Milwaukee Brewers have had enough of Derrick Turnbow's struggles this year and have cut him.  It couldn't come soon enough for Brewers’ fans.

He started his career for the Brewers converting 51 of 55 save opportunities in 2005-06 and set a then franchise-record of 39 saves in '05.

Turnbow then had 24 saves in '06.  He also blew eight of them, most of them coming after the All-Star Game in which Turnbow was a part of.

The Brewers traded for Francisco Cordero at the '06 deadline and made Turnbow their setup man. He didn't initially respond well to the role, finishing '06 with a 4-9 record and a 6.87 ERA and eight blown saves. (0-6, 13.06 ERA July-Sept. '06).

Shortly after, fans started to give him the nickname "Turnblow.”

There was a slight glimmer of hope in 2007 for Turnbow as he managed to get his ERA down from '06. He did get credit for 33 holds, allowing Cordero to break Turnbow's record with 44 saves for the Brewers.

He ended 2007 by going 4-5 with a 4.63 ERA as a setup man (numbers that are a little off the norm for someone in his role).

When Cordero turned down the Brewers’ offer of a renewed contract, he signed with the Reds. So it was looking like Derrick Turnbow would again take the reigns as team closer.

But then GM Doug Melvin managed to sign another All-Star closer, Eric Gagne, and paid him $10 million for 2008. There would be no closer-by-committee for Milwaukee.

Derrick Turnbow was now just another face in the bullpen instead of being that lights out All-Star closer he once was.

This year, the Brewers’ bullpen now has names like Mota, Torres, Gagne, Riske, Stetter, Shouse, and McClung.  All of whom are pitching well.

Turnbow has been the only one showing significant struggles, which is why he has only been used in 'mop up' duty this year.

Turnbow was unhappy with his role and tried to get back in the regular reliever rotation.  He just couldn't string together a consistent performance.

Every time Turnbow set foot on the field this year, Brewers’ fans had to be holding their collective breaths just hoping he could retire the opposing batters without a hitch. 

Through the first month of the season, Turnbow is 0-1 with a 15.63 ERA and a WHIP of 3.95. He has walked 13 and only struck out five.  All of this in just in 6.1 innings pitched.

His sliver of sunshine was a save that he earned against the Phillies.

The Brewers have waited long enough for the 2005-06 Turnbow to return, but it just never happened. Ever since he lost his job as closer, it's been a struggle.

That struggle is finally over for the Brewers.

Milwaukee now has 10 days to trade Turnbow, place him on waivers, or send him to Nashville. Whatever happens to him, the Brewers are still responsible for paying Turnbow his $3.3 million salary.