Breaking Down WWE Network Schedule for Week of June 23, 2014

David BixenspanFeatured ColumnistJune 20, 2014

Vince McMahon at the WWE Network announcement.
Vince McMahon at the WWE Network announcement.Credit:

Want to know if there's anything of note scheduled to air on WWE Network?  We're here to help.  Whether it's new shows, newly added archival content or recommendations for content that may just be new to you (which will be in bold), you should be able to find something fun to watch from this listing.

As always, times listed are those listed in the schedule, which uses Eastern time.



2 a.m., WCW Clash of the Champions 17: The show that took WCW out of the doldrums it was in after Ric Flair was fired.  Dustin Rhodes and his mystery partner against The Enforcers is one of the best matches in WCW history, everything with Sting and Rick Rude is great and it's a fun show all-around.

4 a.m., WCW Clash of the Champions 18: One of the best Clash shows top to bottom.  Almost every match is at least very good, and the main event is a really good tag match with Sting and Ricky Steamboat vs. Steve Austin and Rick Rude.

6 a.m., WCW Clash of the Champions 19: The first round of the NWA World Tag Team Championship tournament.  A weird mix of international talent including The Freebirds vs. Silver King and El Texano in one of the weirdest WCW matches ever.  A weird but eminently watchable show.

10 a.m., Raw Flashback (Dec. 5, 1994): Features Jeff Jarrett (with the debuting Road Dogg as The Roadie) vs. Davey Boy Smith and a King's Court with Shawn Michaels as guest.  I haven't seen this in a long time, but I remember Jarrett-Davey Boy being pretty good.  1-2-3 Kid also takes on Barry Horowitz in what was probably a pretty entertaining squash match since Horowitz is a super underrated worker.

7:30 p.m. and 11:06 p.m., Raw Pre-Show and Raw Backstage Pass: The pregame and postgame shows for the Money in the Bank go-home show.  There's not much middle ground on these: If you like them, you like them.  If you hate them, you hate them.



The schedule stops at 5 a.m.  Since a Saturday Night's Main Event episode (subscription required) has shown up via the search feature, it wouldn't shock me if the full run of the show is set to drop Tuesday.  Based on the other episodes on the schedule and previews aired this past week, it looks like WrestleMania Rewind is a rerun, but this is what we know that we're getting.

10 a.m., Raw Flashback (Dec. 12, 1994): A live show featuring Bob Backlund vs. Doink and a King's Court with IRS.  That show sounds terrible.

10 p.m., Countdown: Best managers.  In theory, this could be a good one without too much recency bias, as until recently, WWE hadn't had a lot of managers for a while.  I'm hoping Gary Hart made it.



10 a.m., Raw Flashback (Dec. 19, 1994): Lex Luger vs. IRS and a King's Court with Bob Backlund.  That sounds better, yet somehow also worse.

2 p.m., Legends of Wrestling: Wrestling in the '70s: One of the best episodes of Legends of Wrestling, it features a cast of Pat Patterson, J.J. Dillon, Nick Bockwinkel and Michael Hayes.  Tons of cool old clips in this one.

8 p.m., Best of Raw (Oct. 11, 1998): The one where Steve Austin fills Vince McMahon's Corvette with cement!  Awesome.  Also Austin and The Rock vs. The Undertaker and Kane.

10 p.m., Best of SmackDown (March 20, 2002): The Rock vs. Kevin Nash is apparently a match that actually happened.  I'm sure there's a good reason that I don't remember it. 



10 a.m., Raw Flashback (Dec. 26, 1994): The description says "The Undertaker makes his long awaited return to Monday Night Raw" even though he had been back for four months.  OK then.  Well, he takes on Brooklyn Brawler.  Also featured are Davey Boy Smith vs. Tatanka and a King's Court with Diesel.

8 p.m., Total Divas: Reruns start airing from the beginning.  I'm sure you're thrilled.  Well, if you having been watching, now's the time to start and catch up for when the new season starts.  Some of the episodes are worth watching just for how awesome Daniel Bryan is, but I don't recall this being one of them.

9 p.m., NXT: Adrian Neville takes on Rob Van Dam in what I'm sure is a dream match for some high-flying superfans.  Plus, more importantly, Becky Lynch finally makes her TV debut against Summer Rae.

10 p.m.,  Superstars: Well, this hasn't been taped yet.  Anticipate fun matches with undercard talent as always, but no 3MB.  Since 3MB doesn't exist anymore, unfortunately.



The schedule stops at 5 a.m.  It wouldn't shock me if they're holding 1995 Raws off for the following week.


What are you looking forward to?  Let us know in the comments.

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