Marc-Andre Fleury: Change of Pads, Change of Playing.

Sean McLaughlinCorrespondent IMay 2, 2008

Yellow or White? 

Marc-Andre Fleury was known for his bright yellow goalie pads, until that is, he got injured.  Later an Ottawa eye doctor gave him suggestions. 

She suggested changing the yellow pads to a more neutral color. (Construction signs and warning signs are yellow, which makes us notice the color faster.)

So out with the yellow pads and in with brand new white and gold pads.

Personally at first, I was pretty bummed he changed the "World-Known" yellow pads.  I have been a Fleury fan ever since they drafted him.  What made me the biggest fan were the bright yellow pads he wore. 

It took awhile for the white pads to grow onto me liking them, and by every game I’ve liked them more and more.  Now I couldn't be happier because of the huge amount they have helped. 

If you don't believe me check out these ridiculous stats.

Since the change of pads for Fleury, he has recorded an amazing record of 17-3-1, with four shut-outs. (7-1 in 2008 Playoffs.) 

His save percentage has been .943, with a GAA of 1.52.  These are compared to the beginning of the season with the yellow pads.  His record was 9-8-1 with two shut-outs and a save percentage of .906 and a GAA of 2.61.

The above stats pretty much speak for itself.  The eye doctor knew what she was talking about.  Those stats are unbelievable, and he's one of the main reasons the Pens are doing so phenomenal. 

Now correct me if I'm wrong.  I’m pretty sure with those kinds of stats and your team being offensively stacked, the pens are now more than the beginning of the season the favorites to win the Cup.