20 Tweets Sports Figures Immediately Regretted

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20 Tweets Sports Figures Immediately Regretted
Nick Wass/Associated Press

Here is a story about an athlete: Player X posts a tweet, immediately regrets said tweet, deletes tweet and, finally, deals with out-of-proportion media backlash anyway.

Sports figures have a long history (er, as long as Twitter has existed) of ill-advised tweeting. Some make it a pattern—Does Rashard Mendenhall regret that Bin Laden business? Who knows—he has certainly never said he does.

Others only feel regret when the media blows up and their publicists tell them to. There are certainly plenty of those examples out there.

Today I’m talking about that lump-in-your-stomach, heart-stopping feeling of instant regret. You know the one. You’ve had it when you accidentally hit “Reply All” on a sassy retort to a coworker. You’ve had it when you watch your apartment door close shut in slow motion as you simultaneously realize your keys are still inside.

Twitter can be a dangerous place, folks. Tweets can happen too fast to take back, and before your little 140-character beast is even up on the Interwebs, you know you’ve made a catastrophic mistake.

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