The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT 6/19/14

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJune 20, 2014

The Good, the Great and the Awesome from NXT 6/19/14

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    When a man is down, there are two paths he can take to get to where he wants to be. He can pick himself up, dust himself off and work harder than ever to achieve the goals he has set for himself, or he can allow frustration to overwhelm him and adversely affect his morals and beliefs.

    For Tyson Kidd, the latter appears to be the case.

    Since losing the NXT Championship Match to Adrian Neville at Takeover, Kidd has spiraled out of control. He is obsessed with proving himself to everyone around him, and he is allowing it to affect the man that he is. He snaps at his wife, betrays tag team partners and does so with only one thing in mind: capturing a title that will finally validate him.

    Thursday night, he left Sami Zayn to take a beating from The Ascension, setting up a feud between them that should lead to some great wrestling.

    Elsewhere on the show, Tyler Breeze continued to show increased aggression and intensity as he heads toward his NXT Championship opportunity.

    The Vaudevillains debuted and immediately threw its name into contention for the NXT Tag Team Championships while Mojo Rawley squashed another jobber.

    With a huge match between Adrian Neville and Rob Van Dam slated for next week's broadcast, relive the best of the best from the June 19 episode with "The Good, the Great and the Awesome" from this week's show.

The Good

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    Kalisto vs. Tyler Breeze

    It took a long time to get going but once it did, the match between Kalisto and Breeze ended up being quite competitive. In fact, by the conclusion of the bout, one could not help but feel like there was a much better match to be had than the one that fans witnessed on the WWE Network.

    Breeze worked a headlock far too long and the crowd let him know about it. When he went back to it, this time in the form of a front facelock, "boring" chants could be heard. Getting the message this time, he cut a fast and furious pace with Kalisto and the match quality benefited exponentially.

    The finish, which saw Breeze catch Kalisto in midair with the Beauty Shot, was great and helped Breeze put an exclamation point on an otherwise up-and-down performance.

    Breeze is a great character and is finally opening up his moveset and flourishing as a worker. Working that headlock for as long as he did Thursday opens him up to critics and makes him look unprepared to face someone with the talent of Neville, even if he and management know differently.

    He will be ready for his championship opportunity, but he cannot afford to lend credibility to his critics with another performance like the one on this week's show.

The Great

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    Tyson Kidd's Downward Spiral

    Losing to Neville at NXT Takeover instigated a change in Kidd that continues to rear its ugly head nearly a month later.

    Last week, Kidd lost a rematch to Neville thanks to interference from his wife Natalya, who prevented her husband from using a chair on his opponent. This week, the former Divas champion attempted to make up for it by procuring a tag team title match for Kidd and Zayn.

    What could have been a very viable team and definite competition for The Ascension turned out to be anything but as Kidd jumped off the apron and left Zayn to take a beating at the hands of Viktor and Konnor.

    Kidd's journey through NXT over the last two months has been quite the spectacle to behold. He entered looking to re-establish himself in WWE by winning the NXT Championship. While he looked confident and he said all the right things, there was a sense of desperation about him that was difficult to ignore.

    When he lost to Neville at Takeover, you could see some of the life drain out of him, and that desperation turned to frustration. Now, he finds his career being overtaken by the uncontrollable need to prove to himself and the fans that he is more than just "Natalya's husband."

    Now, he has created a new enemy in Zayn, a wrestler as talented as Kidd who has dreams of hoisting the gold himself. Their impending matches could be truly special and could lead to one of them climbing back into championship contention before all is said and done.

    Dissension Within The BFFs

    When Summer Rae returned to NXT the week after Takeover, it was apparent that she and Charlotte did not see eye-to-eye. Eventually, the issues between them grew to involve Sasha Banks as well. On Thursday night, the in-fighting proved costly as Banks became distracted by a conflict at ringside between her teammates and lost a match to Alexa Bliss.

    After the match, the Divas continued to bicker and argue.

    This all seems to be leading to an eventual Triple Threat match between the BFFs with Charlotte's Women's Championship at stake. If that is the case, fans will receive that match with open arms based on their chants during this week's show.

    Summer, despite being the main roster Diva, is clearly the inferior worker of the three, but her name recognition alone would help heighten awareness and anticipation for the match.

    Banks is the most underrated worker of all the Divas, WWE or NXT, and she would help provide an element of fierceness and aggression to the match.

    Charlotte is the star, the next breakout Diva and the woman most consider the future of the division.

    Whether that match does happen remains to be seen, but if that is the case, expect a match capable of stealing the spotlight out from the men on the roster and their heavily hyped bouts.

The Awesome

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    The Vaudevillains

    Aiden English is one of the more talented stars in NXT but for the last four months, he has left with nothing to do. An uninspired feud with Colin Cassady and service as a punching bag for Rawley helped the Chicago native become irrelevant as the brand built to its Takeover special.

    Now back in the spotlight thanks to an unlikely pairing with Simon Gotch, under the name The Vaudevillains, English has the opportunity to standout as a member of a tag team. With so few legitimate duos on the roster, he and Gotch can make a far bigger impact together than they would have by trying to navigate the NXT waters as singles stars.

    Their entrance, as seen on this week's show, was fantastic. English still gets to talk, something he does extremely well, and the 1930s silent film aspects are great. That the NXT Universe accepted it as well as they did will only help the team get over quicker.

    The match against Angelo Dawkins and Travis Tyler was nothing special whatsoever and was merely a showcase for English and Gotch, but it was all in great fun. William Regal spouted off circus jokes in reference to Gotch and even told stories about his time working as a wrestler for the circus.

    All in all, it was a really fun segment of this week's show and the best from an otherwise-average broadcast.