WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of June 16

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 20, 2014

FILE - In this Monday, June 9, 2014 file photo, Kevin Hart, a cast member in
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Kevin Hart and Stardust formed a tag team of sorts as they inspired the week's best WWE-related social media. 

The most noteworthy tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos of the WWE world also showcased the inherent humor of people falling over and the company's bond with the Special Olympics.

Comedian and movie actor Hart spent much of the week making us laugh while talking about his brief appearance on Monday's Raw. Stardust debuted on that same night, compelling artists to get out their materials. 

Before WWE inspired high art, though, it relied on lowbrow humor. On Monday, Roman Reigns needed a way to get into the Battle Royal. He turned to spiking Vickie Guerrero's coffee to do so.

The segment itself was groan-inducing, another instance of WWE's adoration of bathroom humor. The WWE Universe Twitter account did make a good joke about the situation, though.

For whatever reason, one reliable source of laughter is the sight of people tumbling over, something WWE tapped into in its latest top-10 video.

The compilation looks at some of the biggest slips in WWE history. Cameramen, Akeem and Matt Hardy are among the many victims shown here.

Hart, who knows how to make folks laugh via falling himself, appeared on Monday's Raw as a guest commentator and as a temporary member of Adam Rose's posse. Talk of that cameo dominated his time on the talk-show circuit following the appearance. 

He visited Jon Stewart on The Daily Show and discussed some of his favorite wrestlers from the past and how the boys backstage commented on how he entered the ring.

Jimmy Fallon also asked Hart about his involvement with WWE, resulting in some funny behind-the-scenes anecdotes. WWE has to be pumped that The Tonight Show showed a clip of Hart's time on Raw.

In that interview, Fallon mentioned an Instagram picture Hart posted. Triple H posted a similar one, with the height-challenged comedian applying a headlock.

Photo from Instagram

Note how well the COO sells the move. Don't say he never puts anyone over.

WWE is certainly friendly with celebrities, happy to give them a platform to promote themselves. The company is also heavily involved with several community organizations.

Its partnership with the Special Olympics is one of its more noble causes.

Superstars helped kick off the latest Special Olympics event, leading to a number of memorable photo ops. WWE posted a photo of Titus O'Neil hanging out with one of the athletes.

Photo from Instagram

Mark Henry outdid him, finding a whole gang of pals to pose with. WWE shared a fun shot of Henry on its Instagram account.

Photo from Instagram

It's inspiring to see these wrestlers light up others' faces.

One star-covered face did some inspiring as well this week. Cody Rhodes debuted at Stardust, making sure his brother Goldust's new partner was a good fit for him. 

WWE posted a shot of the "new" Superstar backstage.

Photo from Instagram

Two artists honored the painted, glittery wrestler by way of artistic renditions of him. Jon David Guerra shared a fantastic drawing of Stardust on Twitter.

Rob Schamberger, who paints work for WWE Auction to sell, quickly got to work capturing Rhodes' new persona. Thankfully, he tweeted the resulting portrait.

It's hard to decide which piece of art is more appealing, but just about everyone can agree that either one is more appealing to the eye than the dripping-fish T-Shirt Hart wore on Monday's Raw.