The Usos Need the WWE Tag Team Division to Be Rebuilt Around Them

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJune 20, 2014

The Usos
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The Usos are one of the most dynamic, most exciting tag teams that WWE fans have seen in years. Jimmy and Jey bring an explosive intensity and an infectious enthusiasm to every match they work and they always give everything they have when they compete in the ring.

And the company is certainly well aware of this, as The Usos are enjoying a near-four-month title reign as WWE tag team champions.  But while WWE may appreciate what The Usos bring to the table, the fact is that at some point the tag team division should be rebuilt around them.  

Of all the acts currently on the WWE roster, The Usos are by far one the most fun to watch. They are all business every time they step through the ropes and they never disappoint in terms of entertainment value.  

They take to the air and perform death-defying moves over the ropes while fans hold their collective breath.  They stand up to every challenge put before them, such as The Wyatt Family, and until recently The Shield, and they never back down.

Jimmy and Jey
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They bring a youthful energy to their matches and they cannot be matched in terms of overall excitement and ability as a tag team.  Jimmy and Jey Uso are proof positive that tag team wrestling still has the potential to be regularly booked as the main event on any card in any city that WWE travels to.

But the flip side to The Usos' success and marketability is the fact that unless the tag team division is rebuilt around them, there is only so far they can go.

Until very recently there were as many as eight tag teams vying for the WWE tag team championships: 3MB, Los Matadores, Rybaxel, The New Age Outlaws, Cody Rhodes and Goldust, The Wyatt Family, Evolution and The Shield.  It was a good number which made for a very respectable division of teams that could challenge The Usos on any given night.

But now things look a little bit differently.

The 3MB fell apart due to the firing of Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre.  The Outlaws are seemingly now back on the shelf with no word of whether or not they will return ton TV. Evolution is currently down to Randy Orton and Triple H, who rarely ever wrestles anymore and The Shield is now finished thanks to Seth Rollins' heel turn.

Seth Rollins
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That leaves Los Matadores, Rybaxel, Cody and Goldust and The Wyatt Family as potential challengers to face The Usos for the titles.  And while four is not a bad number, the truth is that it's not what many fans would consider to be a respectable tag team division.

The fact is that for any Superstar to truly excel as a champion, he must have credible challengers; men that can push him to deliver and be at his best.  That is what makes good champions great and memorable rivalries legendary.  

It's no different for The Usos, who need viable contenders to keep stepping up to face them for the gold. Fans will only appreciate and support them as strong champions if they are allowed to keep showcasing their skills against teams that could potentially take them down.  

There is no drama in featuring tag team champions that are so good their competition can't touch them. The division has historically always come in second to the singles division already; to handicap The Usos with a very limited number of opposing teams will do nothing but make matters worse for them.

Of course the number of teams in the division may not be that much of a real issue as the quality of the matches themselves.

Many WWE fans remember back to the early 2000's when the tag team division was big business for the company.  Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudleys competed for tag team gold in arenas all over the world.  They fought in TLC matches, cage matches, triple-threat matches, ladder matches and they did it all to the roar of the crowd.

Fans flocked to see these teams tear the house down every time they stepped into the ring. They appreciated what they were seeing, they respected the Superstars for putting their bodies on the line and more importantly, they felt what they were seeing.

They were connected to the division and had an emotional investment in the outcomes of the matches themselves.  Fans paid to see the teams perform in some of the most exciting matches on the card and that era is widely remembered by many as a tag team renaissance.  

Each team was strengthened by the other and each team helped increase the value of the other.  Tag team wrestling works when all teams involved are selflessly working to put on the best match of the night.  That should be the case with every division in the company of course but especially for the tag division, that has always struggled with that number two designation.

WWE needs to rebuild its tag division to suit its best team and that is The Usos.  And truth be told it would not take that much work.

versus The Wyatt Family
versus The Wyatt Familycredit:

The Wyatt Family is actually a great way to start.  Erick Rowan and Luke Harper are big, vicious and nasty Superstars.  They are the polar opposites of Jimmy and Jey and if given enough time, these two teams could have a great rivalry.  They are so different and The Wyatt's are so big that it provides genuine fan interest as well as intrigue when it comes to the question of just how The Usos can defeat a threat that massive.

Indeed, their rivalry could be the building blocks for creating a new tag team division with one goal in mind: Play to The Usos' strengths in the ring.  

After all, if Jimmy and Jey are to be the face of the tag team division, then they need as many teams as possible that can play well off them.  That is the only way for The Usos to not only remain successful but to get better as well.

Jimmy and Jey Uso are the current WWE tag team champions and while they are the best duo in the company, they need more talent to compete against.  The division needs to be rebuilt around them for fans to see what The Usos are truly made of and just how successful they can be.