Former WWE Diva Eve Torres Lands TV Role

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 19, 2014


Eighteen months after her WWE departure, former Diva Eve Torres may be set to break into the mainstream after landing a supporting role on an upcoming TV show for the El Rey cable channel.

As Philiana Ng of The Hollywood Reporter notes, Torres has signed on to play a recurring role on Matador, a spy thriller about a famous soccer player who (try not to laugh) goes on dangerous covert missions for the CIA in his spare time. 

The report discusses Torres' character: "Torres will appear as Reyna Flores, a sideline journalist who reports on Tony's rise to fame. Sharp, ambitious and fit, Reyna is a former college player herself who is passionate about the game as she is about her career."


Granted, the idea of a soccer player who moonlights as a secret agent for the CIA is rather absurd, but it is being produced by Robert Rodriguez, the same guy behind the campy Machete franchise and the absurd Sin City films.

Realism tends to go out the window with him. Actually, no—it dramatically throws itself out the window, shoots a few bad guys and disappears into the sunset, never to be seen by human eyes again.  

As for how Torres will do in the role? That's a tough one.

She does have some experience in Hollywood: Last year she picked up a part in straight-to-DVD sequel The Scorpion King 4: The Quest for Power. Thanks to her extensive background in gymnastics and mixed martial arts, the star should be able to pull off the physical side of her character too.

But the acting ability and line delivery she showed on Raw often left a lot to be desired. Anyone remember her performance when Kane was chasing her and Zack Ryder through the parking lot? That was bad.

In fairness though, it's possible the former divas champion will work better with more coherent material.