Former League MVP May Be Headed for Cincinnati Bengals

Russell IvanacSenior Analyst IMay 2, 2008

Well it didn't take Shaun Alexander long to generate some interest on the free agent market. Geoff Hobson of reported that Alexander is scheduled to visit the Bengals on Monday.

Although running back isn't a strong point for the Bengals, it isn't their biggest need. Evidence of this is the fact that they did not use any of their draft picks on a running back during the recent draft. This could be due to the front office having a different plan though and that plan could be Shaun Alexander.

Both sides have shown interest, and if Shaun agreed to a less expensive deal than in past years he could find a new home. Alexander has racked up almost 10,000 yards rushing (9,429) with a career rushing average of 4.3 yards per carry. He also has 100 total rushing touchdowns since being drafted in 2000 with the 19th overall pick. He also made three pro bowls since then and was the league MVP in 2005. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, when he got a lucrative contract his production dropped like a rock.

He would join a running back corps consisting primarily of Rudi Johnson, Kenny Watson, and Chris Perry. None of these backs have the resume that Alexander does, but none of them saw their production drop quite like Alexander did. If he can regain his passion and accept a contract fitting his latest production and not his past production, then he would be a decent pick-up for the Bengals or any other team pursuing his services.