'Jimmy Kimmel Live' Offers People $100 to Correctly Spell Dwyane Wade's Name

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistJune 19, 2014

via Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dwyane Wade's name is the most misspelled name in sports, according to The Wall Street Journal, because the misplaced "y" in his first name can trick some people unfamiliar with him.

The fact that Wade's name is so commonly misspelled led talk show host Jimmy Kimmel to see just how many people in Hollywood could spell it correctly.

If they were able to nail the spelling, they would win $100. 

Although the challenge sounds easy enough, there are apparently many different ways that "Dwyane" and "Wade" can be spelled. 

Luckily, there were some experts called in to save the day and win the prize money.

[Jimmy Kimmel Live