Jeremy Mayfield Can Race at Daytona July 4

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Jeremy Mayfield Can Race at Daytona July 4
(Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR)

So, after many weeks of tit-for-tat arguments, the saga of NASCAR versus Jeremy Mayfield seems to be coming to an end at last.

This afternoon in the Federal Court in Charlotte, NASCAR was ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Graham Mullen to lift its suspension of Mayfield and allow him to race this weekend in Daytona. Judge Mullen is quoted as saying," that the court finds the harm to Mr. Mayfield significantly outweighs any harm to NASCAR."

Mayfield appointed attorney Bill Diehl, and those in the Charlotte area who know of Bill Diehl. They know that he can be likened to a pit bull when working a case.

Now we will see how NASCAR takes it next. Judge Mullen advises both parties not to go to trial. This we will wait and see.

Will Mayfield be a "marked man" back at the race track? We will find out in due course.

Many drivers have been quiet about the situation, and others more vocal against him, but if Jeremy manages to race this weekend at Daytona—in his car or anyone else's—the eyes of the sporting press will all be on him, more so than when he announced earlier this year that he was establishing his own team to drive.

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